Hey guys! In true VF spirit, we’re going to be honest AF right from the get-go:  This ad is sponsored by Everywhere Agency. But obviously the opinions and all that are our own.. DeRrRR. We turn down stupid crap all the time so we hope you trust us accepting a sponsorship regarding events that we think actually sound cool for a certain demographic of our readers! We’ll never hide anything from you -k-? That’s our promise.

So it’s the big game this week, San Francisco! Traffic is effing NUTS for us. Pinterest is going crazy with little DIY football snacks. People already have their jersey’s laid out. Bets are being made. You know this… it’s a big affair!

But here are some out of the blue, alternative kind of events revolving around the big game that will be going on at Macy’s in Union Square this week!

VF Readers we think might be interested: Those with kiddos, those who LOVE to cook or love cooking shows, anyone who loves Fireworks (holla!), and former fans of Melrose Place and Charmed… haha… read on, you’ll see! 😉

First up…

A Cooking Demo With Iron Chef (with Michelin Star bragging rights!) MARC FORGIONE! 
Ohhh shiz- Cynthia doesn’t even cook much and she’s freaking out over this one. Tickets are free, but make sure to RSVP beforehand!
Deets: Marc will be cooking up some fun snacks for the big game and showing his fellow foodies how to do it! Chef Marc Forgione is part of Macy’s Culinary Council and he’ll be preparing some of his EATS on Friday, February 6th at 1pm in the Cellar Kitchen (lower level) of Macy’s. There will be plenty of snacks and with a purchase of $35 you can even meet him in the Home Department of Macy’s! Sweeeeeet.

Alyssa Milano Meet & Greet at Macy’s Women’s Building (Fourth Floor)
Not going to lie, I never watched her shows but oh jeeze do I have a handful of friends who once LOVED Melrose and/or Charmed and would freaking love to meet her still. Plus she’s really big into Philanthropy so… das coo. 😉
Deets: On Saturday, February 6th at 2pm, be one of the first 100 customers in line (must spend $50 to receive an autographed photo) on the 4th floor of Macy’s in the “Women’s Locker Room” by LIDS and you can meet Mizz. Milano!
Alyssa Milano Headshot

Tons Of Activities For The Kiddos
This is all going down on Saturday, February 6th at 11am in (where else?) the Kid’s Department of Macy’s. Always nice when there is something for the entire family to do.
Deets: There will be face-painting for your favorite time. Big game day tattoos! Football themed crafts! And lottttts of goodies for all. Kid’s activities and parent activities.. gotta love it. (Side note… can adults get face painted too? Haha… asking for a friend…)

Macy’s is known for having some bomb firework shows. With conjunction of Super Bowl City and the historic relighting of the Bay Bridge, they are bringing it to San Francisco, y’all. Friday, February 5th at 10pm. They’re claiming it’ll be a show-stopper– so if that sounds like your kinda thing (and maybe you missed both July 4th and NYE fireworks and are still sad about it… yes, personal.. I was pissed lol) then join in on the fun people!

Full event details can be found HERE

Is the Violet Fog team going to be there? Hells yeah. We hope we get to meet a lot of you!

Do you plan on going? Or what are your plans for the big game? Spill it sistassssss.