I made a huge life change 3 months ago- I went VEGAN. Well…. about 90% Vegan. I still use honey and eat eggs. And if I find myself in a position where someone cooked me a meat based meal.. I’m eating it. If I deny myself ALL THE TIME, I’m not sticking with anything. I need to be practical here.

I gave up dairy two years ago— dairy causes flare ups with my eczema. The only time I have dairy is in candy or desserts or if there is no almond milk available as my coffee creamer. Now and then I’ll have some cheese, although it’s rare.

But meat… meat I’ve never attempted to give up before. Then I watched the What The Health Documentary on Netflix (Don’t watch it, it’ll ruin your life lol)… there are a lot of scare tactics in it but also a lot of truth. I also started studying how diet can impact depression- something I’ve dealt with over half my life. I’ve read studies that show a correlation between gut health and mental health… I’ve never paid much attention to my gut health until recently. I figured a plant based diet is one way to go when it comes to a healthy gut! Now, I won’t know it’s full impact until probably a year or so down the road (how often my depression comes back or not)… but I will report back.

Before this, I ate meat ~2 times a week. Not a ton, but routinely. I’d eat chicken, turkey, and steak. OMG I love steak… and miss it.

***I don’t think a completely meat diet is for everyone, I can just share my own experience.

Since I have gone mainly vegan, the BIGGEST improvement I have seen in my health is that I am WAY LESS BLOATED. I notice a significant difference. It’s crazy!! I didn’t realize how much meat makes me bloat. But holy shiz, now that I realize that… I really don’t want to go back to meat for that reason alone. I used to feel bloated all the time.

Going vegan, when you don’t cook (or don’t have time to)… can be hard. I’ve been spoiled with a subscription to Thistle for over a month and I gotta say, it’s makes life sooooo much easier. It makes it so easy to eat healthy! So easy to stay on track!

It saves me time! Grocery store trips have scaled down greatly.

Not to mention all the nutrition I was getting– Thistle is so dang fresh and has such a variety with the vegetables they use. It’s way more than I would ever get if I were on my own. I really, REALLY want to continue this partnership in fact… because I feel that this company aligns perfectly with exactly what I want and would want to write about: efficient, healthy, affordable.

When you think about the time you save and portions you get (PORTIONS ARE HUGE- you can easily make one meal be two) the price point would be worth it to me. (You can try it for 30% off by the way– just use code VIOLET30) Ugh I just love Thistle!

The food delivery services where you have to put things together and cook em’ up yourself– just not for me. I want an even easier process. I like that the most I had to do with Thistle was pop something in the microwave or on a skillet for a few minutes. That’s nothing!

Oh- and I liked about 85% of what they sent me. That’s significant! I would never expect 100% but anything over 80% is such a win in my book. I was HAPPY. It’s also the healthiest I have ever eaten in my entire life. Minus the time I tried Thistle a few years ago lol. Before I fully committed to a Vegan diet!

So I don’t know y’all… a meat-free, dairy-free diet is HARD. It makes me sad that that is what I have to do to feel extra healthy. But is what it is! And as time goes on, my taste buds are adjusting and I’m enjoying the benefits so much that I don’t see myself going back to my old diet for the foreseeable future.

Here is a peak at my month long trial with Thistle! Oooooh I miss them already. If you are ready to try something SO HEALTHY (like you will be dreaming in green lol) then I highly recommend Thistle. Change your diet, change your life! Sounds so corny but it’s true. Remember, I have the discount code for you guys! VIOLET30.

Thistle Review 1
The gold carrot muffin was sooo moist. I loved when this was included in the delivery!

Thistle Review 2
Every meal is labeled with complete transparency, which I appreciated so much. You learn a lot about ingredients that way too.

Thistle Review 3
This would be one delivery for two days! TONS of food. Their salads are SO BIG.

Thistle Food Delivery 5
Always such unique combinations. The consistency of the vegetables made it taste even better too. Always cooked perfectly.

Thistle Review 4
They always send you coffee and juices and a shooter/elixer thing. I loved the cold brew coffee. Sometimes the green juice was hard to get down if it didn’t have apple in it but I drank it anyway! Trying to train my tastebuds to like even healthier things!

Thistle Review 5
Green AF.

Thistle Review 6
Sometimes I would split the salad into two and give the other half to a friend and it’d be more than enough. I’m telling you… the bang for your buck that you get with portion size is incredible.

Thistle Review 7
Thistle Review 8
One of their breakfast scrambles! Doesn’t that look like eggs!? IT’S NOT. It’s tofu.

Thistle Review 8
The avo-chocolate pudding was always a hit. My friends tried it too and thought it was bomb diggity.

Thistle Food Delivery 6
Sometimes if it was too vegetable heavy, I’d throw some of the meal onto a wrap or tortilla or a piece of toast. Really tasty and satisfied me!

Thistle Food Delivery 3
My favorite thing was to go to the park, read… and eat my Thistle. I didn’t have to bring tupperware or wrap up snacks or anything. It was just ready to go! Oh and their charcoal lemonade was some of the best I have ever had. (I’m a longtime fan of charcoal… gently detoxifies!)

Thistle Food Delivery 2 Thistle Food Delivery 1
Many of the dinners have noodles, quinoa, or pasta with them! Very filling.

So two main takeaways from this:
I am about that Vegan life even if it is hard to maintain. I enjoy NOT being bloated.
Thistle does make Vegan life easier to attain… that’s for sure! So there is a solution if you don’t have time to cook or don’t like cooking.

30% off code to try Thistle: VIOLET30.

Any of you guys jump on The Vegan bandwagon lately? It’s not for everyone. Share your thoughts Violet Foggers! xx


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Katey || INFP || Founder/Director of Violet Fog ||

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