I gotta tell you about one of the cutest little breakfast/lunch spots in Portland.

Once again, it was a place we first found on Nao’s Instagram and had to try ourselves. (Nao is our newest Portland writer, btw! Her Instagram feed is beauuuutiful.)

On a Saturday morning, we ended up FIGLIA. Myself, Radhika, Kerrie (honorary VF team member lol- she actually wrote an article for us once!), and one of our FAVORITE photographers in Portland came too– Mista Silas Sao! <— We can thank him for this gem of an article talking about nature spots within an hour of Portland.

Needless to say, we stuffed our faces. It was delicious. Great quality. Fresh. The ambiance: so bright and CUTE. Sophisticated kind of cute. Just lovely– ya gotta go! I will definitely be back.

Let me break it down a little more… some of these photos are by Silas too! Which I will specify. This guy is a PRO- so you’d probably be able to tell anyway. 😉

Photo by Silas Sao
Radhika and I are both shy (ish) with the camera… and we totally wanted a photo in front of these PINK doors.

Radhika: I never know how to act!

The entrance of Figlia starts off with this “happy” vibe that you get from eating there…. yes it starts with the doors lol.

I always enjoy an open kitchen. It creates an home-y kind of atmosphere. Figlia definitely has that.

Photo by Silas Sao

Ohhh shiz. Let’s talk about this Roast Beef SANDO here. It is a work of art complete with peperonata, arugula, spicy mustard, and velvetta fonduta. ON CIABATTA… arguably one of the best kinds of bread if you ask me.

Their salads are really refreshing. I’m used to having brussel sprouts warmed up but I really enjoyed them “cool”– it was different. And I’d order it again! The cauliflower and lentil salad was a favorite, we ate it all in 5 seconds.

That presentation! Makes ya smile. 🙂 You gotta love food served on “newspaper”.

The early start smoothie! OMG *drool* this was so good. I shared it with Kerrie and we were basically fighting over it. Like we should have gotten one each for ourselves and not split it. It’s made with hazelnut milk, espresso, dates, chocolate protein and bananas. YUMMMM.

Not your McDonald’s egg mcmuffin y’all. This breakfast sandwich was primo. Look at that ham!

Radhika: I absolutely demanded that we get the chicory salad. The grilled chicken on it was super moist. It added a nice healthy feel to our otherwise heavy meal.

Photo by Silas Sao

Radhika: We had to get the breakfast focaccia. I call focaccia “f*ck you bread” because it’s so not good for you, but it’s so good for your soul.

The grilled chicken chicory salad. Delightful!

If you love toast (and I looooove me some toast) TRY THEIRS. We wiped it out and easily could have ordered more. Radhika insisted that we get avocado toast and it was a creamy dream.

Photo by Silas Sao! <—The best!

So in a nutshell– if you want a breakfast or lunch that everyone in your group can enjoy (it’s the kind of menu where there is something for everyone) and you just want GOOD quality food that’s tasty as heck AND in a welcoming and lovely atmosphere- that’s Figlia. 🙂

Thank you for joining us Silas!!

Visit Figlia at 1100 SE Grand Ave
Mon-Fri 8am-3pm and Sat 9am-3pm