How many “travel style” articles are we going to read that tell us crap we’ve already heard…

And then point to $5000 worth of items we “need” to buy in order to make said travel outfit happen? Do y’all feel me on this? So annoying.

Here’s the travel outfit tips I’d give my clients back when I was a stylist. They require no purchasing (most likely it’s ish you already have) and are actually practical. Some of them even have a kill two birds with one stone factor to them– you’ll see what I mean!

My old business partner Cynthia stood in as an example for certain “travel style” tips as well!

Travel Style Tips (2 different styles– all with different and useful info to pick and choose from for yourself.)

travel style tips 16
Tip. 1: Maxi dresses are your friend. These are SO comfy, provide great mobility, won’t cut into you, and are just easy breezy! Not to mention, SO?comfy it’s literally like wearing a long nightgown, but unfairly you get chic style points for it. The one I wore for these photos isn’t maybe the best as it has a high slit in it- but you get the point.

travel style tips 15
Tip 2: Bring a light weight scarf for a double whammy! Hear me out– even if you don’t “need” one. I have used my scarf for 3 separate uses on a plane: As little extra padding for a “pillow,” as a way to shield my face if I’m resting and I don’t want anyone (seat mates, flight attendants) talking to me, and also as an added blanket if I’m a little cold and want to transfer the heat from my chest to say… my shoulders… over my lap, etc. Plus, added accessories make you look like you kinda gave a damn when picking out your outfit.

travel style tips 14
The scarf pillow is clutch y’all.

travel style tips
Tip 3. Bring a backpack if you can. Seriously- they don’t throw an outfit off that much. (They can even “add” to an outfit- which you’ll see on Cyn in a bit.) But the beauty of a backpack is that things don’t feel as heavy because it’s more evenly distributed on your body (Ever ran through the airport with a 30 pound purse cramping your shoulder? No fun.) It also allows you more mobility and a sense of being more comfortable and “free.” Don’t knock it till you try it! #BackpackClub Especially traveling. –PS: Props to Brandon for not editing out my bruise… anti-photoshop up in this bish. 😉

travel style tips 13
Tip 4. Ankle booties or slip on sneaks. Always. Nothing with too much hassle that you’ll have to spend time doing/un-doing when you go through security. I like ankle booties that just slip right on and right off. They also look chic! If they have laces or lots of buckles/zippers or are kind hard to pull off– I won’t wear them. ALSO– I prefer shoes that I wear socks with because I don’t want to go through security barefoot! Keep ankle booties low heeled and comfy so you can still run around in them easy like your sneaks.

travel style tips 12
I love these little ballet slipper socks that look weird AF on your feet when you don’t have shoes on. The “no sock” illusion keeps your look clean– as opposed to socks popping out or showing.

travel style tips 11
Tip 5. Bring a baggy sweater that’s comfy as heck but still “nice.”?(Unless you really don’t give a shit then more power to ya girlfriend!) But if you WANT to look pulled together for this flight AND stay comfy, then just remember that there is a difference between a ratty ass Grandpa sweater and one that??s actually a nice piece.

travel style tips 10
Tip 6. Even if you’re not wearing one, bring a hat. A soft, collapsable one preferably. A hat is GREAT to have for when you need a little snooze on the plane and don’t want people to A- talk to you and B- see you konked out with your mouth wide open. Wearing a hat can give your hair a kink- this I know. So just bring one to drape over your face. If it’s one of those soft material baseball caps you can literally crumple it up and throw it in your bag and it won’t take up much space.

travel style tips 9
Legit me on 90% of my flights. Code for don’t talk to me. And… no hair kinks! Holla!

travel style tips 8
Tip 7. If you wear jeans, opt for a looser fitting pair or one with a very soft stretch.? For a more casual outfit, relaxed boyfriend jeans are awesome because they are cute AND you can bend your legs and not loose circulation. If you opt for other jeans- just make sure they are comfy enough that you could sleep in them. A.k.a they don’t cut into you and you can curl up into a little ball and still be comfortable in them.

travel style tips 7
You should be able to move around with ease in the jeans you wear to the airport. Bend your legs and move around to test em out before. Some jeans are only loose in *some* areas.

travel style tips 6

Tip 8. Bring a bag (backpack is best!) that’s so cute you can incorporate it into outfits you packed for the actual trip. My backpack was more practical, but if you really want to kill two birds with one stone– get a backpack that’s actually SUPER CUTE. That you’d want to wear with other outfits you have planned. Like Cyn’s. If no backpack, bring a bag that you’re going to use with other outfits while away. Some girls just bring a travel bag and then pack a purse or two… why not save space?

travel style tips 5
Tip 9. Should you HAVE to wear sneakers with laces while traveling, wear ones that you’ll wear with other outfits. Like the bag, kill two birds with one stone. It’s inconvenient having to undo your shoe laces at security, but even more inconvenient (and heavy and space stealing) to overpack shoes. Converses– those go with everything! Can even wear them for a quick workout at the gym so long as you’re not running like 12 miles on the treadmill. (Instead of packing actual tennis shoes.)

travel style tips 4
Tip 10. Layer layer layer. You might be hot from running to catch your flight, and then cold AF on the actual plane. And then you might want a sweater to drape over yourself if you want to sleep. Easy layering colors that always look cute together? Black, white, and grays with dimension (like Cyn’s sweater, or a heather gray shirt– as opposed to one flat gray color.)

travel style tips3
Tip 11. Comfortable layering doesn’t have to be frumpy. Opt for a sweatshirt that is cut close to the body and a shirt underneath that’s also soft and cut close to the body– that way you still maintain some shape.

travel style tips2
Tip 12. Do the stretch/bend test to make sure you can freely move without worrying about crack or side ab popping through. Seriously- you want to know that you can curl up on your flight and your shirt/sweater won’t ride up. Or that you can bend down to put your shoes on/pull something out of your bag and you don’t have to worry about crack sticking out. You want to be as comfortable as possible and not worry about such things.. stretch side to side, front to back and make sure your shit stays put. You want mobility for comfort but also to stay covered!

travel style tips1
Y’all might laugh but… the stretch test is key!

travel style tips
Main take away from these travel style tips: Plan your travel outfit in advance while packing. Kill two birds with one stone whenever you can. Also great to know that with a little extra thought you can run through the airport with EASE and sleep on the plane soundly with added comfort and no one buggin’ you. And look pulled together the whole time doing it. Awww yeah. #BrainIsTheNewAss

Any other travel style tips that are kind weird but totally work? Spill!

Photography by: Brandon // Dopensteez