Things to know about Treasure Island Music Festival 2015

Treasure Island Music Festival (TIMF) is a 2 day music festival smack dab in the middle of San Francisco Bay located on –duh– Treasure Island. You guys- It is SUCH a good time!! Last year, I went with some girlfriends and for months after we would talk about “how fun that weekend was.” TIMF is a wonderful, enlivening experience.

Here are some things to know:

+They offer 1 day passes ($95-GA, $180-VIP) and 2 day passes ($170-GA, $315-VIP)
The tickets are pretty affordable. Drinks and food aren’t too expensive either. You can even bring in two sealed water bottles. Oh there’s also a free shuttle! Which brings me to the next point..

+Your Designated Driver is taken care of!
Each ticket comes with a round trip ticket to and from the festival on Treasure Island. Starting at 11am -when gates open, music starts at noon- buses will shuttle back and forth during the entire duration. I remember there being a LOT of shuttles last year (I don’t think I waited in line more than 15 minutes).  Shuttles pick up/drop off at Bill Grahams Civic Center.

We did uber once- it was around $25 one way.

+There’s a wide selection of #BombAssDankAss food
Including vegetarian and vegan options. It’s SF… I know some of you were wondering. lol

+There’s tons of blanket space
For the gal who also loves to just sit and chill with the homies while taking in the show 😉

We brought a Mexican blanket (favorite) both days and it really did come in handy. It’s nice to have a little “spot” with your crew so y’all can run back and forth and do separate things all while knowing where to meet back up. Some people brought towels. Some just sat ass in the grass, not in a care in the world! You can’t bring in chairs though.

+It really feels “all about the music”
The energy is so good and peaceful. Very “indie” for the most part. You enjoy the artists and bands you already love as well as discover some incredibly talented up and comers. Last year Alt-J and TV On The Radio were definitely on my list, but I also pleasantly discovered Chet Faker and Ana Tijoux. There’s nothing like hearing new music that hits your soul for the first time. And when it’s live… even better. No two sets overlap entirely! This year people are really looking forward to The National, Father John Misty, Dead Mau5, The War On Drugs, FKA Twigs, and Panda Bear… just to name a few! Check out the TIMF 2015 spotify playlist here!

+There is also rad activities to take part in throughout the day
Last year they had a camp DIY tent (created by Workshop SF) where you could “drink beer and make shit.” They had a SILENT DISCO! They even had a man with an old type writer that wrote beautiful abstract poetry for individuals after minutes of talking to them. (<— Donation Based, Obvs I took part haha) and face painting! While I don’t know all the activities they will have this year, they did announce that they’ll have a Funny Or Die Comedy Stage with acts performing all week. That’s something new. And of course year- year after year, the iconic Ferris Wheel is to be expected!

+There are also some cool retail setups

Last year my girlfriends and I bought some pieces from local vendors, Top Shelf Style and Berkeley jewelry designer, Leslie Francesca. Leslie’s designs were gorgeous.  We suspect this year will be no different with other cool local vendors to check out.

+The bathroom lines never get too long
At least last year they didn’t. I don’t think I ever waited more than a few minutes! It’s still portas though (yuck) but they don’t get near as disgusting as other music festivals.

+It’s not as crowded or as spread out as Outside Lands
It’s a more intimate music festival with only two stages and plenty of room to play! Everything –the stages, food/drink area, bathrooms, activity areas, etc– is relatively close together. The more intimate setting makes it extra special. Plus I just hate overcrowded. #Anxiety

+There’s useful stations all around
ATMs… Medics… information booths… places to sit…

+You’ll be enjoying some siiiiick artwork
The artwork IS INCREDIBLE. So much to appreciate, and lots of photo opps for cool memories.

+You’ll want to dress for comfort
People either dressed casual or really went all out with their festival gear. Both groups equally stood out and fit in, so just wear whatever makes you feel good! Have fun with it! We love to have fun with our music going style but I will tell you this: On the day we dressed a little more high maintenance (ankle booties, long skirts, an excess of accessories) it may have made for rad photos but we were not NEAR as comfortable as the next day when we all wore jeans, tees and sneakers. My motto for this year is heavy on the style and heavy on the comfort.

+It’s a “green” music festival
You’ll find compost and recycling bins everywhere. They claim that in the last 6 years, 75% of the waste from the festival was compostable. Also, we can expect items such as utensils, napkins, cups and plates to be made out of recycled material. Carbon footprints- gotta be mindful of them!

+TIMF announced additional “After Hours” Night shows through San Francisco over the weekend
Check out the shows here. I for one need to see Jessica Pratt perform again. I’m obsessed with her.. no shame.

+Enjoy one of the sexiest views you’ve ever seen of SF’s skyline
The only thing better than good music, is good music set to a dreamy sunset. That moment is so.. energizing. I don’t know how else to describe it! But you’ll never forget it. Worth the ticket right there alone…

+And we recommended to bring with you…
Sunscreen, baby wipes, blanket, backpack, comfy shoes, YOUR FRIENDS / lover!


Hope to see you there!! xx

Violet Fog
Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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Violet Fog

Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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