WTF is a vegan burger?

But really though.

What does that even taste like? Cardboard?…. Sheeeit. Why not just eat a REAL burger?!?!

^^^ Basically all the questions I had when I first heard of Vegan Burg. A restaurant where the whole menu is plant based.

Now you’re probably like “WAIT, what? Cyn, a vegan burger!?”  Yes. It’s a TOTAL SHOCKER. But get this: on my first bite, I literally could not tell that it was vegan.

Seriously mind blowing.

And if you really are vegan, trying to go vegan, or just want to see WTF I’m talking about… then you’re gunna want to try this place out.

Vegan Burg Review-3

The buns are huge, soft and toasted nicely. Yup! Nice, toasty, big ole’ buns… gotta love it! 😛

And their patties? Some of them actually taste like real meat (chicken). And the bacon was out of this world! I don’t know WHAT this stuff is made from but it’s the best fake bacon I’ve had from any restaurant.

Side: I’ve had fake bacon before that legit tasted like cardboard.

Vegan Burg Review-6

Everything they serve here is made with plant-based ingredients. There are no GMOs or antibiotics and nothing contains dairy, honey, or eggs. So how they make their bomb mayo?? I HAVE NO IDEA.

Their buns are made from whole grains, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

So pretty much… everything you’re eating is healthy as hell and it tastes pretty damn delicious.

Vegan Burg Review-5

It’s photogenic too!

Vegan Burg Review-4

They have nine different burgers to choose from with “sidekick” options, kiddie meals, beverages and desserts.  If you’re a true blue carnivore, they’ve got tasty beef alternatives such as the Smoky BBQ– a thick patty of  mushrooms slathered in sweet smoky BBQ sauce.

A favorite of mine is the Mustang Relish made with robust wholemeal bun, crispy patty with splatters of fat-free mustard, topped with sliced gherkin pickles and Aussie red onion bits.

For sides… get the seaweed-sprinkled fries (literally can not believe how damn good and crispy these are! I finished the whole basket and then some.)

Vegan Burg Review-7

So to sum it all up: go check out Vegan Burg if you want to mow down on a burger but feel healthy at the same time. It’s better than some burger places out there, trust me.

Plus… you won’t feel guilty afterwards! 😉

Vegan Burg Review-2


1466 Haight St

San Francisco, CA 94117 (Between Masonic Ave & Ashbury St)