Cures for an eczema flare-up. Natural Eczema Remedies. THIS….something I have typed into search engines so many times now. Asked so many doctors about. Read so many articles.

I have tried so many remedies. From lotions, creams, diets, to yes, topical steroids. All of it.

Truth is (I should say- my truth), is it all comes down to diet and keeping a healthy liver. I firmly believe liver health is linked to eczema. So I do a lot to support the function of my liver- from the food I eat to the supplments I take.

Supporting my liver -and staying away from my suspected food allergins- is what helps me most prevent flare-ups.

***I am NOT a doctor. This is NOT medical advice. This is simply just what works for ME and my own personal research.

And yet still- because I’m human and not always “on it”– I get flare-ups sometimes. My flare-ups happen on my hands and feet and it is so damn uncomfortable.

Anyone who suffers from eczema knows it can impact your daily life. I used to get 6-7 flareups a year and they would last weeks to months. Flare-ups are horrible, from not being able to fall asleep because the itching is SO BAD, to barely being able to wash your hands, to not being able to do certain workouts, cook, etc etc… eczema sucks ASS. It’s so annoying. If you go through it- Lord almighty do I feel you.

I do, however, have some tips and tricks that really help out Eczema. My go-to’s. My eczema ride or dies. And I’m more than happy to share these on Violet Fog. Health is wealth and knowledge is power ya feel me? #BrainIsTheNewAss

I should start by saying I have committed to NOT USING STEROIDS during a flareup (I used to) because it can be so tough on the body and can eventually end up thinning your skin out. No thank you! There are other ways of dealing with it. NO JUDGEMENT for those who use it though! Every case is different.

On to the tips.


1. Figure out what your food allergies are. Quite honestly, I need to do more testing on this to reallllly get down to the nitty-gritty of mine. But I do know one thing that overall has an effect on me and that is DAIRY. Whenever I get too sloppy with my dairy intake- I start to flare up. So when this happens, I immediately pull back 100% on dairy consumption. I’m talking not even a SPLASH OF CREAMER in my coffee. No butter on ANYTHING. Not even a bite of chocolate. Everything has to be so strictly dairy free and I remain this way until the eczema is gone.

2. I eat a lot of ginger during eczema flare-ups. I have a backstory to this. After my car accident last year, because of the MAJOR SPIKE in emotional stress I had a few things happen. First, I was feeling uneasy in my stomach all the time. Upset and sometimes nauseous. Always worried that something was going to happen. What I randomly did was buy all this ginger candy to help “settle” me. Also during this time (likely due to the high-stress levels) I started to flareup with eczema. Normally when I flareup, it can last over 4 weeks. sometimes up to 8 weeks. What was different was the LARGE amount of ginger I was eating at this time. My flare-up was gone in less than 2 weeks!! And I tell you what- I’ve had a few minor flare-ups start since then and I implemented the eating an excess of ginger thing and same result– flareup drastically calmed down/healed up quicker! I DID SOME RESEARCH– like was this a placebo or was I onto something?

natural eczema tips and tricks

Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory. Which would make sense why it helps with eczema. It also helps aid in digestion– and I’m sure you know this: but your gut is strongly linked to your skin condition. You want to keep your digestion game STRONG especially during an eczema flareup. And of course– the gut is tied to the liver. The liver is a reoccurring theme with eczema!

Sometimes, when I just want something sweet and easy, I’ll even just get those ginger chews from Trader Joes and eat up an entire bag within 2 days.

3. I up my fish oils or any foods high in Omega 3s. Upping your omega 3s and omega 6s greatly help with eczema and the skin’s integrity. There have been studies that show incorporating more omega 3s (topically and internally) can help with eczema. Quoting this research from Penn State Hershey Medical Center: “In one study people taking fish oil equal to 1.8 g of EPA (one of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil) experienced significant reduction in symptoms of eczema after 12 weeks. Researchers think that may be because fish oil helps reduce leukotriene B4, an inflammatory substance that plays a role in eczema.”

4. I take extra probiotics. Like more than just my everyday. I’ll do things like drink more kombucha or take some probiotic shots that you can get from the market. Healthy gut, healthy liver, healthy skin. Probiotics are microorganisms that -when you get a bunch of them- can instill a ton of health benefits on the host. To note- most studies done on probiotics and eczema have been with infants. And it still remains unclear how helpful probiotics can be with eczema but there are a few promising studies. What I would do (again not medical advice), if you don’t yet take probiotics, is start taking them and see if your flare-ups are less and less because of this. Even if not- taking probiotics is really good for you for a number of reasons.

5. I’ll use eczema honey to relieve the itch. Have y’all seen this yet all over social media? It’s a new company that is gaining a LOT of attention. They create this balm that is said to help with eczema and other skin issues. (It’s so pure you can even remove your makeup with it.) I needed to test this out because there were a BUNCH of testimonies saying that this shiz really worked. But I was like…. does it though? It’s kinda trendy. Trendy makes me nervous. BUT NO IT WORKS. Like hot damn I am impressed.

The ingredients are super clean: ALL ORGANIC. Pure honey (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial), almond oil (carrier oil- helps relieve itching), beeswax (anti-bacterial, helps restore skin health), sunflower oil (stimulates our body’s natural ceramide production- which helps our natural skin barrier), spring water, and Optiphen (a paraben-free preservation ingredient.)

Eczema Honey Review 2 Eczema Honey Review 1

I will say this: the product does help you NOT ITCH. It really cools things down- and unlike cortisone cream (so many bad ingredients! Like parabens) it aids in the overall HEALTH of your skin and not just help the itch. It is one of the only topical agents I have used that effectively makes me stop itching when it’s on my skin and also makes me feel SO GOOD about using. What is ANNOYING is that it is a very tacky feeling- but I found that this was necessary because that part (the tackiness) is what’s helping to restore the lipid layer on your skin.

Again, a true bonus- is that is product goes beyond just helping the itch. The ingredients are so good it actually helps to soften your skin in the long run. When it’s ON your skin, it’s tacky. After it’s all absorbed (hours after) you notice your skin is more hydrated. Like the integrity of it is just stronger.  I’ll even use it on my lips at night as a moisturizing mask for them. I’ll put it on my face sometimes- just all over because it’s that clean. People have said that they use it on acne and sunburns too. It’s just a wonderful, wonderful product.

The product is expensive (Around $35 for 4oz after shipping and handling) but a little bit goes a LONG WAY. In fact, many people have reported how little of it they need to use in order for it to be effective. I find my jar is lasting for soooo long. And for such quality ingredients (and a small company that can really do great quality control) I would be happy to pay this price.

I did ask for a code- violetfoghoney gives you $2 off a jar. 🙂 


Let’s all continue to help each other and share tips and tricks we know about eczema! Help your fellow foggers out by letting them know below. The weirder the better. 🙂

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