Well let??s stop for a second and talk about what we search for when we all pick books. Certainly we all have different tastes, different styles, different genres, different types of characters that we all connect with and that??s totally normal!

One of my all time favorite — as a writer, a speaker, an activist, a feminist, and a loving and soulful person ??Liz Gilbert is someone I fell in love with super early on. Like many of you, I discovered her when she wrote Eat, Pray, Love. (<— Not our book choice, just roll with me here!) I was in my final year of high school and I remember dragging my mom to the bookstore, asking her to buy it for me. I took it home, read it in one day and my mom looked at me and said ??well that was a waste of money??. However, what she doesn??t know is that for ten years now, overtime I go through something shitty, I pick up that book and re-read it.

If you haven??t read Eat, Pray, Love yet, please go out and get it. You truly get whisked away on an incredibly heartbreaking journey with Liz through Italy, India and Bali ?? and I??m not even exaggerating when I say you will actually laugh at loud and cry with real tears while reading.

All this to say that she has a beautiful way of allowing us readers to connect and to ride a rollercoaster of experiences with her. Towards the end of Eat, Pray, Love, she falls in love and us, the rest of the world living vicariously through her, cheers her on because who doesn??t fricken love a happy ending like that?

Which brings me to Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. So much of Eat, Pray, Love was about her gaining strength and getting to know herself all over again after having given so much of herself to other people. And now? we get to grow with her in a way that??s empowering and creative and curious. Not only that?but that hunk she falls in love with at the end of Eat, Pray, Love? while they??re still great friends, part of Big Magic is her exploring her sexuality and opening herself up to new experiences.

Ugh I sound so book reviewishy ?? I don??t mean to but clearly I??m a huge fan of her writing and really everything she does. I mean honestly? just even listen to one of her TEDtalks (my fave one by her) just absolute poise and elegance and brilliance.

I??m lady crushing all over but I hope you will all join us for our VF BOOK CLUB LAUNCH! First book: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Because Liz Gilbert is a badass and is the strong, beautiful woman we all look to for inspiration!

BOOK CLUB DATE: March 7th 7pm-9pm
LOCATION: Monroe in North Beach (CUTEST spot!!) 473 Broadway
COST: First book club is totally free! Holla for?girl’s night!!

Sandra Aziz
Senior Writer || Pharmacist || ESFJ || Awkward turtle who loves to read, eat, travel and talk incessantly about tv and music.

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Sandra Aziz

Senior Writer || Pharmacist || ESFJ || Awkward turtle who loves to read, eat, travel and talk incessantly about tv and music.

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  1. Natalie | Bake No Fake

    AHHHH!!! This book was on my list girls! *heart-shaped eyes here*

    The main question now — tell me THE DATE, I need to mark it red in my calendar. So looking forward to meeting with you all.

    • Sandra

      Natalie! It’s March 7th! Location and times attached in article 🙂 we can’t wait to see you there!


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