Dammmmmmn look at them brows!!

Haha! 14 year old me had it going ON y’all.

It was right around this age where I first learned about this thing called “getting your eyebrows waxed.”

I was sitting in history class with my (much cooler) friend, Kristin, and she was telling me about a brow appointment she had.

“But that sounds like it hurts!” I told her. To which she said, “A little… but honestly… you kind of need it done too. Like, you don’t have a uni or anything, but….”

Annnd that’s all it took. Days later, I had my first brow wax appointment at the local nail salon.

So there I was, post-wax, plastic hand held mirror in hand… forehead red as hell. Took one look at my reflection and said, “Okay okay! I get it! I look good.”

And so began my $20(ish.. with tip) monthly beauty habit. 14 years later, that’s around $3,360 I must have spent on my brows in my lifetime. What the shit. I’ll justify that to myself later. (Good brows make me feel better!!)

I’m lazy with my brows though, I don’t fill them in ever (although they’d probably look way better) and I’ve tweezed maybe 8 times in my entire life. I’ve always been dependent on a good ole’ brow wax.

But after 14 years of brow waxing, I decided to switch it up last month. I tried threading.

Which got me thinking, what’s the difference??

So… from our research, here are the differences with waxing and threading. Hopefully it gives a little insight.

In case you were wondering, I’m going to try threading one more time since I thought the regrowth was slower. But shit does it hurt… I don’t know if I could continue with it. Cynthia says NO WAY and she’s sticking to waxing… her brows are always on point.

Do you guys thread, wax or pluck? Any recommendations in SF? Share your thoughts! Let’s have some girl talk 🙂

Violet Fog
Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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Violet Fog

Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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  1. Teresa

    I threaded for the longest time and finally made the switch over to waxing again! My esthetician friends SWEAR by waxing though. No lie! It gives you a more defined look AKA brows on fleek 😉 Benefit is the way to go and if you don’t want to fill in your brows on a regular basis try getting them tinted! Gives you that filled in look without the hassle!

  2. Su

    Same as Teresa, for the longest I threaded and in fact, I do credit it to being what made my brows the best they had been in years. The shape really got a lot more precise but what I didn’t realize is that I was having it threaded too thin. Of course, that comes down to the person doing it and not threading itself. My friend is a brow specialist (Misty at Warren Tricomi in NYC) and she was the first actual brow specialist I ever saw. The whole reason I went to threading is because I found with waxing they would just pull too much hair off, but with Misty she only waxes in tiny bits but does that many times in different places, then tweezes, trims and tints. I’ve also spent many months dealing with slightly bushy brows in order to grow back some thickness. Brow specialists can be pricey, but I found I am going probably once for every two threading appointments so it kinda works out plus brows really make your face and I think it’s worth it!


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