San Francisco loves to exercise. Or at least wear exercise clothes on the reg.

And while I’m partial to the steals I find from Marshalls and Ross… I know there are a lot of ladies who la la love their designer workout gear. And I get it- the quality is undeniably better and often (not always!) much cuter.

But it adds up quick- shopping at places like LuLu Lemon, Lorna Jane, Athleta, and See Jane Run. Want to shop there but play to your budget?

Here’s what you do. Go in and find out your sizes. Write them down in a note on your phone because it’s easy to forget. Then… go online, and often! You’re able to compare prices easier and perhaps give something a try that you wouldn’t try on in store because it doesn’t have the hanger appeal- see it on a model!

Here are some tips for each store when it comes to finding affordable pieces:

*Affordable being less than $50 for workout pants, less than $35 for a workout top, and less than $30 for a sports bra. Had it define it in some way!

LuLuLemon go online and check out the “We Made Too Much” Tab. Here you can find gooood discounts. They don’t make our “affordable” standards but it’s pretty dang close.

See Jane Run The sale section is truly decent– and large! You can find North Face shorts for under $30, sports bras for under $30, occasional leggings for under $35 (definitely some under $50) and the occasional zip ups for under $35. In the regular priced gear you’d be surprised to find a few tanks for under $35 as well as a cute sports bra for around the same price– still doesn’t meet our “affordable” standards, but close!

Athleta Athletia is the shit. Such a ginormous sale section.  Like why even shop IN the store when you will 100% find cute workout clothes in this section that make the “affordable” cut.

Lorna Jane Also a decent sale section (with their own online outlet!) with a variety that fits under the affordable budget. There are even some sports bras for less than $20. They even have some regularly priced sports bras at around $20, holla! Although their regular priced leggings start around $65…

The best part about shopping online for your workout clothes is the occasional extra promo codes you can find on the sites! Plan it and save y’all… plan it and save.

Do you guys have any tricks? And honestly- where are you buying your workout clothes from San Francisco? Are we as Lululemon crazed as they say we are? We kinda are huh. 😉 All good!

Violet Fog
Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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Violet Fog

Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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  1. Diana

    Great Article loved it thanks.
    Its not that tough to find good quality affordable clothes for the gym, Yes you can save your money if you are willing enough to work hard and look for the good stuff. There are so many choices and you can get a great outfit for yourself.


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