Photography by: Melissa De Mata || @MelissaDeMata on IG

Leather jackets are the shit.

They can get cooler with age as they wear down in a rugged, purposeful looking way.

They go with SO much. I even wear mine over dresses!

They can make a statement, or just add a little extra edge to your fit. While they are sooo worth splurging on the real deal as they last forever- there are faux options that work too! Just make sure the stitching is good and the material is soft. 😉

Here are some tips and on exactly what to look for:

PS: There are also vegan leather options. Which are still pricey, but look EXACTLY like the real thing!

Buying a leather jacket4
Above all, know these two things first when buying a leather jacket:

Quality- This goes for faux and regular: go for one with hardware that is NOT super shiny. Think dull and subdued. Test the hardware and make sure the zippers don’t stick. Faux, regular, or vegan- softer leather usually looks more expensive and blends well with more outfits.

Fit- Usually leather jackets are cropped shorter, they should hit at the top of your hips or even as high as the lower part of your natural waistline. They should be cut close to your body.

Buying a leather jacket7
Example of soft looking leather 

Buying a leather jacket2
A jacket that hits somewhere between top of hips and natural waist line

Additional questions to ask yourself:

Is this a jacket you’ll want to layer with sweaters underneath? Don’t go to tight- maybe even size up!

A jacket you want to be able to wear year round? Snug. Thin lining. (You can always wear a thicker coat over your leather jacket in the winter time.)

Something you want to be able to wear almost universally? Less frills!

Is this a jacket you want as a statement piece? Then go with more added frills!

Buying a leather jacket1-4959
Cynthia’s (left) is real leather, thicker lined and has a notch lapel AND regular collar. Katey’s (right) is vegan leather, simple bronze hardware with an asymmetrical zipper and minimal details.
Very similar to Cynthia’s
Very similar to Katey’s

Buying a leather jacket6
Extra added frills- fun zippers and a quilt pattern on the shoulders!

Your personal style:

What aesthetic are you looking for? More rock n’ roll (can be both sexy and badass!) More feminine but still edgy? Or more structured and practical?

Subtle details, minimal hardware, and still statement making = this jacket.

More rock n’ roll?

Look for one that has more hardware on it. Silver hardware (think zippers, pin buckles) and patterns like ribbing. Notch lapel collar (more feminine) or a round collarline work (more badass- although these are up for interpretation!) These jackets are great statement makers. This one is SICK!

More feminine and edgy?

Look for one with little hardware (bronze if you can find it although not needed!) and softer leather that has little shin. One that has thin lining on the inside. Details should be more minimal. Go for more of a notch lapel collar, although a round one still works too! Zippers can be asymmetrical or regular.

Want a mix between badass and edgy? This one is PERFECT and only $83!

More structured and practical?

Look for one that is a classic cut (no extra frills!).. straight up and down zipper (as opposed to asymmetrical) and for more practicality- pockets that work and lined to the degree in which you’d wear it! Cold conditions? Thicker. Warm conditions? Thinner. Derrrrrrr. 😉

Buying a leather jacket3
Lots of hardware and thicker lined- great for cold months and VERY rock n’ roll!

Buying a leather jacket5
Verrrry simple detailing, extra soft material and little hardware = more sleek and universal. Not always the warmest.

So when buying a leather jacket… just keep those things in mind! And be ready to rock the crap out of it. You’ll look awesome!

Photography by: Melissa De Mata || @MelissaDeMata on IG

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