Okay. This applies to a lot of print magazines too.

One of the reasons why we started The Violet Fog was because there’s so much noise, clickbait, and time wasting articles out there online (and in print.) Not enough…. articles that hold weight. Purpose. Written with a little grit, and a lot of honesty, you know? Strong journalism written with thought behind it. There’s not a lot of that.

We wanted to provide 3-10 minute stories and articles that were entertaining but also acted as either a piece that women could relate to, get useful information from, or get inspired by. Something that captured real human experience. Nothing robotic or impersonal. Now sure, in setting up those standards for ourselves… coming up with constant content can be a little challenging sometimes but even with a SMALL ass team we get it done. WHICH…

WHICH!!- makes me wonder why all these million dollar companies are still writing desperate click bait titles and articles that are either pointless, mind numbing, or soooo played out. Like hello?! You have money in DA BANK. Hire some hard hitting writers and stop wasting our time with this content farm ish.

Below, these were actual articles published by some of the BIGGEST media sites today in the past few months. We didn’t call out any names, but… they’re pretty annoying. And not contributing much.

Actual examples of the clickbait and mind-numbing articles out there:

The Homes of These Under-30 Celebrities Will Make You Question All Your Life Choices
Um- I can’t see how or why someone’s home, no matter how amazing, would make me question my actual life choices… why not make the title more uplifting? “These Young Celeb’s Homes Are Too Cool For School” or something like that. Yadida?

13 Packing Hacks That Will Change Your Life
Interesting… I always thought that packing tips could simplify traveling, but change my life? I had NO idea!! (dramatic/desperate click bait is so annoying.)

Kate Middleton Wore Leggings, Is Secretly Sporty Spice
Someone tell me how this makes headlines please… let alone how it’s even worthy of a story.
P.S- Opening sentence of the conclusion of this piece, is, I shit you not: “But more important than the princess’s athletic prowess, was the fact that she wore leggings.” ….. *does 3,000 eyerolls*

The Best Holiday Gifts For Every Zodiac Sign
Not knocking the Zo but can you imagine this conversation happening?
“Hey Roger, should we get Stephanie a sweater for Christmas?”
“NO DIANE! Stephanie is a Virgo hello!? So no, she’ll hate it.”
….UGH. Stupid.

Selena Gomez Wore Colored Contacts Again, Looks Completely Different
Uh YEAH she changed the color of her eyeballs of course she’s going to look different you dumb dumb. P.S Why is this a headline? No really…. why.

Why Finding Love Is Entirely Determined By This One Obvious Truth
Oh you know, written by a girl in her early 20’s because WE ARE ALL SO WISE THEN. P.S… she basically said it comes down to “attraction” to each other… for f*ck’s sake is she serious? Please change the title. Please.

This Is The Only Thing That Will Help You Get Over Your Breakup
Also written by the early 20s girl… and her profound advice? “Time.” Wow- how original! Just groundbreaking!…. 5 minutes I shall never get back thanks.

These Food Enthusiasts Know What It Really Means To ‘Eat Clean’
But it was actually an entire article on Instagram accounts that showed desserts, bacon, pizza, that kinda ish. Misleading headlines…. GrRrRRRrrrrrr!

Jennifer Lawrence’s Squad Is Better Than Taylor Swift’s Squad
ARE YOU FIVE???? Is a grown woman seriously pitting two groups of women against each other and writing about it? Why, for no reason, for literally NO REASON, do this? Even more annoying this top WOMEN’s magazine claims to be all in favor of women supporting women. Like they preach that. So um… why are they publishing this garbage? Actions speak louder than words.

Anyway… silly but truthful rant over. So… what are your thoughts on all this? What annoys the heck outta you online?