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This is old news to some, but Cynthia and I are business partners in running our company, Violet Fog. (A digital publication.. duh…  with a social media consulting sector!) We have a kick ass work dynamic. She’s got my back and I got her’s. We’re both obsessed with the VF readers and the brands we work with… we have the same goals. I could go on and on. It’s a great fit.

BUT… we do each other f*cking crazy sometimes. We’ll have what we like to call, “productive fights.” :-P. They usually stem from Cyn and I being total opposites in… literally almost everything LOL

Cynthia is Type A. (minus… Type A-)
I… am Type B. Well… B+! 

It took months to really get into a rhythm with our work styles. (Studying each other’s Myer’s Briggs type helped a lot. That tool is golden.) But still, our differences  are we stay conscious of for the sake of maximizing our efforts with VF. And being good business partners to each other.

Anyway, today Cyn randomly sent me a Huffington Post article titled, “11 Things Every Type A person Wants You To Know.” Which is like… the most Type A thing someone could do right?….Send someone a LIST of things they need to know. Wow! 😛 Haha… we had our fun with it!

To further contribute to that article’s discussion, we thought we’d provide our take on:
A. What each number translates to in Cynthia’s terms. (Maybe you can relate?)
My responses… aka the Type B. Perspective! (…Maybe you relate to?)
And C. How we a found a happy medium.

So… 11 Things we *MUST* know about Type A’s:


1. “We’re not impatient, just efficient.” “Long lines? Traffic? Type A individuals loathe them all. This is because we feel as though they’re slowing our progress of a certain goal… even if that goal is just to deposit a check at the bank.”

WHAT CYN MEANS (These are all her words): You better make sure your Uber driver is using WAZE! And should we anticipate a line, let’s get there early BECAUSE I AM NOT WAITING.

SAYS THE TYPE B (Me!): If I’m not in a rush then I don’t mind traffic or lines… more time to day dream, check the phone, snapchat… heh 😉

COMPROMISE (Both of us): I’m with her. I don’t like to waste time either when we’re together working.

2. Arriving late to anything is agonizing. “If you tell us to be somewhere at 6:30… we’re rolling up to the parking lot at 6:25.” 

WHAT CYN MEANS: ……….. next question? Haha.

SAYS THE TYPE B: This is where she’s Type A-!! RIGHT on time?… usually. Early? No. Late? Sometimes! <— Same with ME!

COMPROMISE: As a former “Always Late girl”… I have now become a sometimes-but-not-usually-late girl. Progress!

3. We live by to-do lists. “How else are we supposed to track what we’re supposed to get done?!”

WHAT CYN MEANS: Boom. Done. Let’s move onto the next task!

SAYS THE TYPE B: Me? I just keep it allllllll stored in the brain. 😉

COMPROMISE: Cyn lets me have a good amount of creative freedom during the week– but she makes most of our schedule with clients and content collecting/project days. When we both agree upon something I DO stick to it.

4. Each task we’re assigned is urgent. “Type A workers appreciate those that can communicate in a clear, concise and succinct manner.”

WHAT CYN MEANS: *2:59pm: receives assignment* *3:00pm*… “TF are we standing around for? Let’s go!”

SAYS THE TYPE B: Oh! I… thought I had a day to think about it… *gets distracted*

COMPROMISE: We’ve learned to speak each other’s language. Some of our projects are left open ended with a relative date for completion (as long as it gets done). Others have clear deadlines- in which my head is pretty much ripped off if I push it back even a second lol.

5. We’re extremely goal-oriented. “Once we commit to something, we see it through until the very end, whether it’s a work project or Friday night plans.”

WHAT CYN MEANS: Stray the path or get in my way of getting something done and see what happens… I will freak lol.

SAYS THE TYPE B: Throw a curve ball at me! I don’t care… I’m still getting my goals done but on my own time.

 COMPROMISE: We pretty much order our tasks from most important to least. If we put a time stamp on it, it’s gotta be honored. And thankfully Cyn commits to more of the social events so I can do more computer nerd stuff… #introvert 😉

6. It’s hard for us to relax. “Downtime tends to feel unproductive to Type A folks — unless, of course, it’s on our to-do list.”

WHAT CYN MEANS: Yeah I have a hard time relaxing! Even with yoga… I hate regular yoga classes. It’s f-ing SLOW! The whole time I think, “WHAT am I even working?!”

SAYS THE TYPE B: *awarded gold medal of relaxing* jk jk… kind of.

COMPROMISE: Even on “off” time we make ourselves available for work stuff- unless otherwise stated or planned out before. And I have to actually force Cyn to NOT think about work sometimes. “For YOUR sake, if you text me tonight… I’ll be pissed!” That kind of thing. Me? I am fine with detaching now and then.

7. We get stressed out easily. “We also tend to default on the worst possible outcome when working through a situation. Sorry in advance for the slight negativity.”

WHAT CYN MEANS: Usually if someone is getting in the way and it’s just NOT the time…  I. will. f*ck. their. ass. UP. (Half kidding 😉 )

SAYS THE TYPE B: I can be a bitch too but overall I’m a nicer more mellow bitch when I am lol. Oh and a stressed out Type A effing scares me!

COMPROMISE: I do a good job of bringing the calm… she does a good job of bringing the urgency. Both are important for our business!


8. We have nervous habits. “Hair twirling… nail biting… teeth grinding…”

WHAT CYN MEANS: N/A. I don’t have nervous habits.

SAYS THE TYPE B: But if she did, like hair twirling or pen clicking she’d have to STOP because I go a little nuts when I’m subjected to someone’s fidgeting for too long. Sorry!

COMPROMISE: None needed.

9. We’re emotional. “The reason we behave the way that we do is because we care (some could even argue that we care just a little too much).”

WHAT CYN MEANS: Am I emotional? I don’t think I’m emotional…

SAYS THE TYPE B: No, you are. But we both are. We just express it differently. We’re usually pretty laid back though!

COMPROMISE: Nada. We’re not averse to getting into arguments if we have to– and sometimes– *yep!*, we have to. But can two people fight… constructively? Because that’s exactly what we do! (Perhaps this really boils down to respect and sharing the same goals.)

10. We’re constantly ruminating over something. “We are notorious for dwelling on our worries, sometimes to the point where it keeps us up at night.”

WHAT CYN MEANS: Always planning our next move! BTW… what are we doing tomorrow?

SAYS THE TYPE B: So I dwell on shit alllllll the time. BUT I won’t let it mess up my sleep!… I love sleep.

COMPROMISE: We just try to pump each other up when we’re worrying about something. 🙂

11. We have a competitive side. “Type A’s put a lot of pressure on themselves to be the best possible version of themselves…”

WHAT CYN MEANS: I bring my A-game, you bring yours. *hair flip*

SAYS THE TYPE B: I’m grateful she has a competitive spirit for business, because I’m rarely ever competitive! But do I wish homegirl would relax a little more!? Sheeeeeit. YES. Go de-stress woman! (We’re both perfectionists though.)

COMPROMISE: We equally push each other. I’m just nicer about it!

Any of you work with your opposite? Share your stories! Full article here! Great write Mizz. Lindsay Holmes!

Violet Fog
Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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Written by your home girls at The Violet Fog

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  1. Meaghan

    Umm yes, this is spot-on. I’m type A, my fiance is Type B. It’s brutal sometimes until you learn to appreciate how differently they think and use that to your benefit (for me, I have to learn to be patient with his decision making!)

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Cyn here. As a Type A- I feel you girl. But like you said, when you learn how to appreciate the differences you actually find they are more beneficial than anything. Just have to learn how to understand each other. Have you guys taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? It *really* helped me and Katey better understand each other. I recommend it to everyone! (I’m ESFJ, Katey is INFP.) Katey wrote all about it once and linked to the best test online within it. Let me know if you take it! x Read it here


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