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I’ve decided that I don’t care about sports. And I’m ok with it.


In life, it’s already hard finding things you really LOVE and the time to do them. So, when you find things you really DON’T like … why do them?

This rule can be applied to a myriad of things that is “generally popular” in our society. (i.e. it’s okay if you don’t enjoy recognizing celebrities, Candy Crush, bowling, etc.)

But back to not liking sports. It shouldn’t be an issue… but if you’re out of the loop on your local sports teams or big sporting events– sometimes society can treat you like an outcast for it.


Friend: Are you watching the game this weekend?
Me: What game? Oh yes, something about basketball. Something about The Warriors. They’re winning, right?
Friend: (furrows brow) How do you not know about this? (Starts talking sports and more sports.)
Me: … (Eyes glaze…. Here we go again.)

When you say you don’t follow sports, people can make it such a big deal. It’s as if you don’t follow important world news either. Like you are living under a rock. It’s annoying!

Backstory: I went to a HUGE football school, and didn’t really follow football. I mean – I obviously wanted our team to win, just for the sake of improved morale and pride… but I didn’t need to watch the game. And when AT them… I was disinterested with what was going on. I just wanted to eat 7 layer dip and to hang with my peoples who were actually trying to watch.

Before, when people would casually talk to me about sports….
…I would feel lame and out of the loop.
…Then smile, nod, and wholeheartedly agree with their opinion.  (I didn’t want to seem lame or out of the loop!)
…I’d secretly hope and plead this person didn’t ask me a more specific question. (I have NO clue who that player is… zero.)
…I’d promise myself that I’d do a quick Wiki search on the topic afterwards so I’d be prepared next time.
… And then, I’d forget all about the Wiki search. Because I don’t CARE about sports.
Rinse and repeat. 

Fast forward to now. I’ve let go of the “I care about sports” facade and have decided I’m ambivalent.

Here’s why I’m torn on sports:

One. I have a hard time keeping track of who’s who– same thing with recognizing celebrities. This makes it really hard to have any technical sports conversation.

Two. While I’m eating my 7 layer dip, I feel weird that I’m not the one getting exercise.

Three. After I watch a game, it’s feels like the “just getting out of a movie” phenomenon. How many hours went by?! Why is it dark outside?! One time it literally took me TWO HOURS to commute back to SF from the East Bay. Why? The Warriors AND 49ers were playing. (Sports games = Worst. Traffic. Ever.)

I know. It’s not all about the game… it’s about the social interaction and camaraderie too. But, simply put, there are a lot of other things that give me much more enjoyment than watching sports. And I only have so much time.

If not liking sports makes me a weirdo, oh wells. I can see you after the game. We can do something we both love doing. (Watching that game with you is not one of them, my friend.)

My point is: We don’t have to care about something just because it seems like everyone else does. Watching sports is a hobby, but it doesn’t need to be your hobby. You don’t gotta lie to kick it. 😉

Story by VF writer: Radhika of The Snobby Foodie

Radhika The Snobby Foodie
Senior Writer || Snob in Chief at The Snobby Foodie || ENTJ || Once went to four coffee shops in one day to find the best one…

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Radhika The Snobby Foodie

Senior Writer || Snob in Chief at The Snobby Foodie || ENTJ || Once went to four coffee shops in one day to find the best one...

4 Responses

  1. Morgan Ragan

    I am a woman who works in the sports media world, so I breathe, eat, sleep sports.
    Loved this piece, love seeing how others view sports that just aren’t that into it. Great piece, great perspective, love your guy’s blog!

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Morgan thank you so much for writing in and giving your perspective! Probably the coolest response to get since you’re a Professional Sports guru! And so happy you like the site 🙂

  2. Jen

    I used to feel like this too until the guy I started dating was really into his state’s football team. Fball was the only sport I could DEAL with, but I’ve found that it wasn’t really fun for me until I had players/teams to cheer for. (But once my team was out of the playoffs I could care less about fball LOL). And oh man, I used to remember the BART during Warriors and Raiders games…MADNESS.


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