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I figured it was about damn time I cleaned out my closet. It’s been… months, years, centuries since I’ve last gone through my wardrobe. And recently moving into a new place, I wanted to get a fresh start.

I had items that were pretty much collecting dust and taking up space… although (I thought) they were super hip at one point in time. Like I thought I was THE SHIT back in the day with my valor Juicy jackets… one of the first things Katey made me toss lol.


It’s funny when you look back. Because looking at my clothes now, I’m not sure what I was even thinking.

And I’m kinda mad at my friends who didn’t tell me that scrunchie scarves weren’t cute… because apparently, they’re not. At all. And there are so many better choices out there if style is important to you.


Must have had six of these bad boys still laying around. Not proud of it, just saying lol.

Thank G. I had Katey here to help me. She doesn’t spare my feelings and tells me like it is. Which I appreciate. Girl. These scrunchie scarves have GOT TO GO.

Maybe you’re also wanting to do a closet clean out and find that you too have some of the following items. Think of Katey like your girlfriend who really loves fashion and is here to offer advice- but at the end of the day she doesn’t give a shit about what you wear, because- YOU DO YOU! I’ll just do me, without my scrunchie scarves. And we always say, wear whatever you want to wear. Just feel comfortable! Guidelines are helpful but not necessary. No judgement! #NiceGirlsClub yo


Worn out tops
Apparently those white little balls are called “pillage” and yeah, I guess you could say this top does look pretty ragged huh? Like, why was I even hanging on to this thing? It looks like two tones of black at this point!

IT WAS TWO TONES OF BLACK. *head shake* – Katey

Shirts with tiny pockets

“Cynthia, so much NO going on here I don’t know where to start” = Katey’s words when she held this up. One thing that stood out? The ultra tiny boob pocket. She called these “condom pockets” haha. A definite toss.

Shorts that are too short.


We all have them. Right? I’ve had these shorts FOREVER. But these days… if I wore them it’d be ASS CHEEK CITY. So many of us have stacks on stacks of old shorts thinking we’ll wear them one day “to the beach or something!” But it never happens. Bye!

Weird over lapping animal prints

Ruffles. Weird animal prints that don’t make sense. The hem hits at an awkward angle. I actually thought “maybe?” and…. cue Katey: “Cynthia. Cynthia. REALLY? You have all these cute dresses that you don’t even wear and you want to keep THIS as an option? Girl. No.”

“Club” dresses

No comment.

Snap buttons

I actually thought this shirt was a keeper, until Katey told me that snap buttons, especially “pearl-y/opal-y ones” (like above) can cheapen the look of a shirt. Okayyyyyy then.

“Unless they are snap buttons that don’t look like snap buttons.” -Katey (Whatever that means!)

Blouses with cheap looking hardware on it
I thought it was edgy! Okay fine…. I’ll let it go.

Chain link collar shirts / “club going” shirts apply too… *sigh*… there are better options I guess.

Quite honestly I hung onto this one just because it was a name brand. Why do us women do that? Stupid! Guess that’s why they say style and fashion are two very different things.

Giant black “pull through” or “clip” belts

I used to wear this thing ALL THE TIME.

Real talk: Katey said “this looks like something someone would wear on their 21st birthday a la 2008 dude…”

… I looked at her with evil eyes and was like… I did wear it on my 21st birthday. BETCH.

Dresses with obvious scrunch
Now that is some obvious scrunch haha. WHY DO I LOVE THE SCRUNCH SO MUCH.

So after we donated about 6 bags of clothes, 2 bags of shoes, and a bag of accessories ( I wish I had read this Forever21 article back in the day), I felt LIKE A NEW WOMAN. Never will I accidentally wear shirts with condom pockets again!

Now I have so much more room for quality basics, and clothes that I’ll actually wear. There were DEF pieces that I wanted to keep, but Katey said “if you haven’t worn it in the past 1-2 years (or in my case.. 5), then you probably aren’t going to wear it again.

“Why keep it as just ANOTHER option you don’t need when you have so many other options that are better?” That was like an… AH-HA! moment for me. She made total sense (not sure why I didn’t think of that sooner). Getting ready is so much easier with less clutter.

So have you guys done the big closet clean out? Were there any pieces that are a DEFINITE NO? Get some laughs? Tell us below!


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