Y’all know that Radhika is from Texas right? Homegirl is loud and proud about it. She knows her BBQ… and so rarely is she impressed by anything other than TEXAS BBQ. We get it… Texas BBQ is a tough act to follow.

So never mind that I absolutely loved Smokehouse Tavern. Or that my BFF Kerrie loved it. The point is: RADHIKA WAS PLEASED. She even tried to replicate one of the dishes at home.

You’ll get some good, gooooood food at Smokehouse Tavern. So good in fact, that you better prepare yourself for a serious food coma after. I straight up NAPPED for four hours after. FOUR. Like sumo wrestlers do- eat a shiz ton of food and then go right to bed after. That was me. And I did not regret it.

First off, Smokehouse Tavern has some rad decor. The vibe is like… an edgy-country style- it’s really badass. All yellow and red with a cool bar! Oh the bar… divine drinks… let’s just state that right upfront.


Now onto the important part. The FOOD. It’s almost like…. small plates for BBQ. Meaning you can order a ton of stuff and taste it all (or a lot of it) and share it with your friends. We love that style… tapas in a way- although it’s kind of weird to say BBQ and “tapas” together- is it not? Just us?

The Brussel sprouts lasted all but 10 minutes.

The brussel sprouts were pretty much OUT OF THIS DAMN WORLD Y’ALL. Like if you go here, you need to get them.

ALONG WITH THE OYSTER MUSHROOMS. The texture was perfect. (This is what Radhika tried to replicate at home.) It’s such a unique concept.

Bonding over barbecue is the stuff of true friends, and with this dish, even vegetarians can do it. 🙂

The cornbread… let’s just say that between the three of us, we should have ordered two. Gone in 5-4-3-2-1.

Then Kerrie got a brilliant foodie idea…. (this is Kerrie btw.)

Kerrie goes, “THEY HAVE FRITO PIE. We need, NEED to get that.”
To which I said, “Wtf is a Frito pie?” “Just wait”… she goes.

Say whattttt. It’s like this Frito chilly deal. And while I know it’s like a heart attack on a plate, I also know it’s delicious, so….

Happy campers! Feastinnnn’.

Let’s not forget about the meat. I’m going to leave this one to Radhika, because she really knows her stuff.

Says Rad: The meat was super succulent and tastefully seasoned. Again, I love the tapas style barbecue because it lets you taste a little bit of everything. Unfortunately, this didn’t prevent me from stuffing my FACE until my stomach hurt.

Check out Smokehouse Tavern at 1401 SE Morrison #117
Thank you to Little Green Pickle for pointing us in the direction of this place!