After seeing what Cynthia (my old business partner) wore out to dinner last week on a date night… I was pissed that I gave away my white blazer last year. (Which of my friends did I give it to? I want it back!! lol) I just wasn’t coming up with many white blazer outfits… and I’m almost too quick to throw clothes out sometimes. *Le Sigh*… Oh well.

But anyway- blazers and crop tops. Not your normal pairing but super sexy!

I loved this look on her. It’s both sultry and serious and I think it’d be a super cute option for not just date night, but a girl’s night out too… or just a swanky night out on the town! Like just add a martini…and you’re good. That’s what I picture!

White Blazer Outfits-3
White Blazer Outfits-12
Style Math: crop top + blazer (optional sleeves rolled up) + work trousers rolled up + pumps + side purse + optional minimalistic bracelets on each wrist

White Blazer Outfits-4
Seriously though- trousers rolled up is one of our favorite style secrets because work trousers can be so damn comfy!… We had to think of a way to repurpose them for other occasions.

White Blazer Outfits-13
White Blazer Outfits-7
As I tell myself I need to start doing my sit-ups again… I’m also telling myself that this look would work perfectly with a fitted tank top that seamlessly tucks in. Still would be elongating and flattering!

White Blazer Outfits-5

Would you ever try this look? Why or why not? Sound offffffff ladies.

Photography by: Brandon Tran || DopenSteez

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  1. Rad // The Snobby Foodie

    OMG I love this. I always feel like I’m wearing a doctor’s coat when I wear a white blazer. I never thought about wearing a crop top with it. This is awesome!


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