1. If you happen to make eye contact with a girl, smile at her.

Not an over the top creepy smile, you don’t even gotta show teeth. Just a warm smile. It’s nice and as cheesy as it sounds, can brighten someone’s day for a moment. Which also brightens yours.

2. Especially at night, if you happen to be walking alone and you see another girl walking alone, 100% acknowledge her.

Smile and give that girl a “what’s up” head nod. It says this: “We’re both women walking alone at night. I remember what you look like, you remember me, if we hear screams or something goes down. I got you. I’ll call 911. If you go missing and they show your picture, I’ll call in. I’ll remember you. I got you!” This is actually really important because you never know, girls.

3. Let’s say you find yourself in line at the grocery store (or Target, whatever)… you’re not in a rush, and you have a shiiiiit ton of things. But you notice the girl behind you IS in a rush, and she only has a few items. Let a sista go ahead of you.

She’ll be grateful, you’ll have done a nicey… and it all comes back around too.

4. If a girl’s fly is down, or her shirt is on backwards or she has something on her face and no one is telling her, for goodness sake TELL HER… do it discreetly but TELL HER.

Even if it feels awkward in the moment letting her know. She will be so grateful. And if she’s not then whatever, you had good intentions! But honestly we have a hard time thinking of a girl who wouldn’t want to know if she had crap on her face.

5. When you’re shopping and you’re in a dressing room, and you see a girl trying something on and you can tell she’s been pondering it for awhile… (if you like the dress/pants/whatever she has on) then tell her!

Chances are she’s wishing she had someone there to confirm that yes, she looks amazeballs in that. Maybe her friend isn’t getting back to the picture she sent or she doesn’t trust the salesperson who wants the commission. A friendly, “that dress is cute!” is all she needs to hear. To which she’ll say, “ya think?! It’s for a blah blah blah I wasn’t sure.” Give her that extra confidence she was looking to get from her fellow female comrades.

6. If a girl looks lost (you can tell- phone up next to face, glancing around in every which way direction) then ask her if you can help.

Maybe you can, maybe you can’t. But it’s nice when a stranger goes outta there way to help out- and SF is a city of nice girls.. right!? #NiceGirlsClub

7. When in the women’s bathroom, if a girl starts asking if anyone has a hair tie or a tampon- you know that chick is desperate.

If you can spare one, hand it over! It ALL comes back around and we’ll all find ourselves relying on a sweet stranger for something at some point or another. Again, do a nicey! It makes you feel better about yourself.

8. Speaking of the women’s bathroom, can we all make it a point to not take our sweet ass time -which causes a longer line- and just pee like a bandit and go?

No sitting on the toilet on your phone. No bringing in your girlfriend with you for a heart to heart- especially in bathrooms with only one stall! Let’s promise to do our best to respect the line behind us and SPEED PEE. No one wants to wait in line and put a pause on the good time they were having.

9. For all the hardworking ladies out there buying drinks for herself, if you’re in line at a crowded bar and there’s a girl behind you, tell her she can have your spot right after you’re done so she doesn’t have to worry about some gnarly dude elbowing his way in last minute..

Girls lookin’ out for girls!

10. If you see a group of girls taking a selfie or obviously wanting a picture together, ask them if they want you to take it for them.  It sucks having to ask strangers to take your picture- a lot of people act annoyed. Be the one that isn’t and even ask them how they want their picture too. Long ways? Sideways? They will so appreciate you asking. We all want cute and fun pictures with our friends. Celebrate friends doing friend thangs! And hopefully someone will be kind enough to do the same for you and your girlfriends/fam/whatever one day.

#NiceGirlsClub. It’s what it’s all about y’all!

Got any other ideas? Should we come up with a secret handshake for the women in the Bay Area?!?! Haha kidding… kind of.