Are you interested in Ayurveda? My own practice doesn’t stem from Ayurveda however MANY of my beliefs when it comes to health and longevity align with Ayurveda protocols. I love that Ayurveda focuses first on gut health when it comes to the human body.

I am so happy to have Dr. Nisha Khanna back on Violet Fog. Last time she was here she gave us tips for irregular menstrual cycles. Many of those I started practicing myself.     

Ayurveda tips

If you don’t know who Nisha is, she’s a medical doctor who specializes in Ayurveda. I don’t know about you but I find that to be an incredibly unique pairing. Learn more about her on her website HERE (great videos and information) and her Instagram HERE.

Today, for fun and leaaaarnin’, I asked Nisha to let us in on some Ayurveda practices and tips that most don’t know about!  You know, the obscure ones! I definitely learned some things. I hope you will too!

These are paraphrased in my words! I took notes 😉

12 Daily Practice Ayurveda Tips

1. Don’t heat up your honey. Heat destroys the structure of honey and changes the chemical structure. So don’t bake with it or put it in the microwave! It actually becomes toxic and gums up your system if you do. Always choose raw, unpasteurized honey. Don’t bake with it, add boiling water to it (if you need to heat it up), but definitely don’t put it in the microwave. 

2. Don’t listen to your second wind if you get a boost of energy from 10pm-2am (holla night owls!)… that’s Pitta time. You need to sleep and work on regeneration. It is actually PRO-aging (we don’t want that) to work or be active during this 10pm to 2am. The energy should be directed inward for self-healing, not outward.  

3. Don’t drink water with your food. If you do it should be VERY LITTLE and it ought to be sipped not gulped. (Personally I don’t drink anything at ALL when I’m eating.) Why we shouldn’t eat and drink at the same time is that this makes us dilute our digestive enzymes. We won’t have as much digestive power if we drink while eating and it can later create toxicity and inflammation.

4. Make sure you have a bowel movement at least once a day. Five F’s in Ayurveda are fluid, fat, food, fire, and fiber. You need gastric fire– and this could be ginger, probiotics, and metabolism-boosting certain herbs. Of the five Ayurvedic F’s– the often overlooked one in traditional medicine is gastric fire. Make sure you are poopin’!!!

5. Sweat. You need to sweat 5X a week. Exercise or Sauna. If you’re not doing this, you’re not detoxing your fat. Fat stores bad hormones and toxins. (Another reason why, if you eat meat, it’s important to choose lean as often hormones given to animals are accumulated, magnified, and stored in fat. )

6. Mix fruit and nuts OR just eat fruit alone. The only fruits that go with anything are mangos and figs. Keep fruits separate as a snack for 30 minutes or 1 hour before you eat something. That’s right y’all, NO buffets with eggs and watermelon on the same plate. NO mimosas with your brunch meal! It’s fruit AND a lot of liquid. Also: Melon and foods need to be separated by 2 hours. Melons should be eaten completely separately (not even with other fruit!) by 2 hours.

7. Make sure your water is room temperature to warm. None of that ice-cold business (I avoid it at all costs!) Nisha talks about how enzymes function at an optimal temperature, and when you throw in cold water you will get vasoconstriction and this disrupts digestive blood flow, absorption, and leads to suboptimal enzyme function. Ice water makes your body do more work and creates mucus. Ice water takes you out of a parasympathetic state (aka rest and digest.) Warm water is more detoxifying. She also recommends using a ceramic kettle or pot to warm up your water to avoid metal toxicity.  

8. Incorporate self-lymphatic massage every day if you can. With oil. Dry brushing too. Dry brushing followed by oil is even better. And don’t forget to massage your breasts! Breast massage is an immune boost and oil on the body is a profound nervous system reset. Sesame oil is great at night.

9. Do less with your skin. In traditional Ayurveda, they don’t wash their face much. Many people are over-cleansing. (Personally, in my ideal world I am only washing my face once a day.)

10. Here are two universal superfoods for each dosha: Usually  Triphala is tridoshic, meaning it is good for all three doshas. Triphala is a gentle daily detox and pulls toxins, plus it’s rejuvenating. Secondly, ashwagandha is great. (Although it could be potentially pitta aggravating- choose tulsi/holy basil instead if you’re pita) Incorporate these often.

11. You’re only as young as your colon is healthy and as tight as your anal sphincter is. LOL. That’s a true line from Ayurveda! What Nisha means is digestion is key. Gut health is key. Your can asses someone’s biological age by their gut health. 

12. Everything is poison and everything is medicine and it all depends on the dose, time of season, and the person. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH, DR. NISHA KHANNA! For inspiration on how she lives her life (a true look into her daily practices) follow her on Instagram HERE and visit her website HERE

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