Every year, the Environmental Working Group comes out with two lists.

The Dirty Dozen— foods that are often laden with chemicals and pesticides that we should try (if we can) to buy organic.

The Clean Fifteen— foods that have the least amount of traces of chemicals/pesticides on them. Therefore, buying organic isn’t as important.

Not only am I going to list off the Clean Fifteen- but I’ll give ideas of how you can use them and some of their nutritional benefits!

***AS ALWAYS- this is not professional nor medical advice.


Clean 15 2020

1. Onions

Onions have a bunch of calcium, vitamin C, and folate. (Low folate levels can give you a type of anemia.) Onions also have sulfur compounds. I wouldn’t call onions one of THEE most nutritious of the bunch however it does have some goods! Onions have more nutrients when eaten raw however you still get a lot from cooked onions- so long as they aren’t cooked for more than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes there is barely any nutrition left in them.

2. Avocados

Yessss a nutritional POWERHOUSE! Loaded with healthy fats (monounsaturated- the kinds we want!), they have more potassium than bananas, have a bunch of fiber and are great for the heart! The cool thing about avocados is they are so versatile- you can even use them in deserts- masked as a chocolate mousse!

3. Sweet corn

I’m going to pull a VF card here. I don’t eat corn as I find it doesn’t do well with my gut and also it’s almost always so GMO laden that I just don’t trust it. But you do you of course! This is never medical advice.

4. Pineapple

Remember- I am a big believer on eating fruit on an empty stomach and with nothing else! (See Ayurveda article here and food rules I live by here.) Occasionally I’ll do a smoothie with veggies in it too but I really just try to do all fruit most of the time. Fruit in the morning is best. I like pineapples in the morning because they are so great for digestion. Imagine having a crappy meal and going to bed feeling not so great and then the first thing you eat in the morning is something that’s great for digestion… and tastes good! Pineapples are also great for the immune system!

5. Asparagus

I’m a big fan of asparagus because it has such a wide array of vitamins and minerals in it. Asparagus can also act as a natural diuretic so it’s great for when you are trying to do a little extra detox or have been bloating. The only thing that sucks is it makes your pee smell bad!

6. Sweet Peas

I have a thing against peas so this one is tough for me! I know they are high in protein and keeping you fuller longer is always a plus!

7. Kiwis

Oh hell yes kiwis! I love me some kiwis. ALWAYS with the skin on for extra fiber! Again eat fruit on an empty stomach if you can. I think a kiwi is a perfect snack for when you are on the go and need something quick. They have a bunch of potassium and Vitamin C and yes- fiber if you eat the skin! Kiwis are genuinely one fruit that is fancy and fun enough for me to eat on it’s own. Like an apple on it’s own, for whatever reason, bores me. Kiwis do not!

8. Cabbage

Unfortunately, they do not specify if this is red or green cabbage. Also- there are trace amounts of more than four pesticides found on cabbage. I’ll be honest, I still buy cabbage organic just to be safe.

9. Eggplants

Eggplants are high in fiber and there is a lot of nutritional value to them. However, I personally stay away from eggplants due to their high lectin content. High lectin content can be tough on the gut- IF you have gut issues. I am still healing my gut so I really limit my eggplant, tomatoes and bell peppers. Just a preference.

10. Papayas

Freaking LOVE me some papaya. It’s one of the only fruits with a small amount of healthy fats. It’s great for digestion and great for the eyes. HOT TIP- eat a spoonful of the seeds. Sure, it tastes bad BUT it’s so so good for the gut. Just do it!! 😉

11. Honeydew Melon

I prefer cantaloupes over honeyew melon (cantaloupes are also in the clean 15) because there is more Vitamin A in them- and vitamin A is very antiaging. But both have great plant polyphenols and fiber! In general– I don’t look at melons are superfoods. Nutritious yes, but not super foods. Also– eat melons alone! Should not be paired with anything else, according to Ayurveda practices.

12. Broccoli 

Arguably one of the healthiest vegetables out there. Broccoli has a big amount of sulforaphane which is incredible for the brain. This is also a cruciferous vegetable so it’s great for helping the liver detox. All cruciferous vegetables are also a precursor to DIM– which helps dump out excess estrogen! I try to eat broccoli multiple times a week! (See my two-ingredient broccoli gnocchi recipe HERE.)

13. Cauliflower

Yessss another cruciferous vegetable! It makes me happy to see all these cruciferous veggies on the Clean 15 because I believe they are some of the most important foods on the planet! For those who can tolerate them, of course. I love that this vegetable is high in fiber and B vitamins. TIP: Steam them and then freeze them and throw them into smoothies! They add so much extra nutrition and I swear you can barely taste it!

14. Cantaloupes

Eh. Better than honeydew, but again, not necessarily my favorite. Also, remember as a melon… this should be eaten alone (if you believe in Ayurveda.) Fruit, in general, should be eaten alone but you know! MELONS. Be extra cautious! This fruit is hydrating and DOES have a ton of vitamin A- which is rejuvenating. I consider melons nutritious… just not a superfood.

15. Mushrooms

Unfortunately, we do not know which KIND of mushrooms are the safest. There are tons of different kinds of mushrooms! I do enjoy cooking mushrooms however I get most of mine in powder form and put them in my potions. (See why I praticularily love Chaga) I get a bigger dose that way. I also do stick to organic.

PIN THIS! All of these are also from the Clean 15 2020.

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Anyway, Violets! Those are my thoughts. Nice to know we can save money here and there!