I love a good brunch spot.

Especially one that’s sexy and has all the right vibes.

Like… 1760.  You read that right: THIS SPOT IS SEXY. The food, the drinks, the atmosphere… SEXY. I don’t think I could sum it up with a better word. Something about the plating, the atmosphere, the people, the lighting, the unique flavors of  food… it’s just an alluring brunch experience. Trust me… you’ll see what I mean.

It’s a “hidden gem” in a sort of ways… but I promise you, not for long. Ohhhh nooooo not for long people!

First off, their happy hour KICKS ASS. I’m talking as low as $5 for fancy CRAFT cocktails. Almost unheard of in SF, no?!

And their food. OMG their food… they have something to please everyone. I’m talking unique spins on classics using Asian inspired flavors. Attire and ambiance wise- you can sass it up a little OR go casual. Kinda love that it can go either way, yanno? It’s perfect for brunch with a date or with the girls.

So here’s what we had, just don’t drool over the keyboard, K?

1760 Restaurant Review_ San Francisco-7

Let’s start with the One-Eyed Jacks ($14). mMmm look!— HELLO HEAVEN RIGHT?!

These are incredible, it’s basically toast with a quail egg inside- topped with crumbled bacon bits and drizzled in a light lemon-mustard sauce.

Yes. Heaven.

1760 Restaurant Review_ San Francisco-14

This Little Gem Salad ($10) was perfect in every way with a nice crunch and all types of textures. Also comes with watermelon radish and fried capers. The best part about this salad is the buttermilk wasabi dressing. Kuddos to the new chef- super impressive!

1760 Restaurant Review_ San Francisco-3

Kimchi Fried Rice ($18). Oh Man. This dish was something else. Could the pork belly be any more tender?? It practically melts in your mouth. Break the yolk on the soft-cooked egg and mix all the flavors together before serving. This is a MUST get!

1760 fried duck sandwich

Fried Duck Sandwich ($18). So real talk… are you drooling over your keyboard yet??

I just can’t. Explaining this fried duck sandwich in words will do it an injustice… you just have to come here and try it yourself 😛

1760 Restaurant Review_ San Francisco-11

This Avocado Toast ($7) encompasses every avo toast goal ever. I’m not sure what kind of sorcery they used to make this dish, but we ordered THREE of these to ourselves. It’s topped with pickled onions, radishes and has a slight hint of lime juice. This is a MUUSTTTTT get!!

1760-French Toast

Now this Brioche French Toast ($12). Ugh. It’s TOO GOOD. This is the perfect sweet ending to any meal.

I love that it’s SUPER light and airy, but still extremely flavorful. The edges are nicely toasted, it’s not too sweet and there’s a faint hint of Cointreau with sweet berries. In fact I think it’s one of the best French toasts I’ve ever had.

So if you want a #BombAssDankAss brunch… seriously one that is just plain SEXY (<— did I drive that point home yet? lol) Then you gotta try 1760sf. Thank me later and let me know what you get!

1760 Polk St (Corner of Washington)
Russian Hill/Nob Hill area