To my fellow SF women… there’s a lot we can complain about regarding San Francisco. i.e: THE RENT. (Nothing makes me want to cry more than when the first of the month rolls around… holy shiz, goodbye to half my bank account.)

BUT. The wonderful things about San Francisco overshadows the bad ten fold! We have TONS to be grateful for as residents in this incredible city.

Allow me to lay out some thangs us SF ladies can be thankful about when it comes to our city. 😉

1. The beauty our eyeballs get to witness every single day, around every single corner…. it’s magnificent. The sunsets, the views of the city, the bay, the bridges, golden gate park… I could go on and on. They’re the kinds of views that makes us want to just sit back and reflect. Be still for a moment. You know… that’s not common in every city. We’re damn lucky to witness such beauty every day.

2. There is something to do at any given time. Concerts, cool conferences, shows, parades, great restaurants to try, bars with game nights, roller skating (yes, roller skating)… piers… museum nights…. parks on parks on parks…. like how can you be bored in San Francisco?

3. Even on the coldest day in San Francisco, we’ll never have to plow snow out of our driveway. And even on the hottest day in San Francisco, it’ll never get SO HOT that we “absolutely can’t stand it.” You know? It’s basically Spring/Fall weather all year long. We can even appreciate our FOG if we look at it from a certain perspective.

4. Lots of cool niche stores to check out– many of which are female owned and ran! ReLove on Polk street (best consignment store ever) and St. Lighting (also on Polk)… just to name two. Oh and Valencia street in the Mission… love that street. So special and full of culture. It has TONS of awesome niche shops there and nothing commercial. Nada! Gotta visit. (And always great to shop local.)

5. Amazon prime, google delivery…. all those cool tech apps are always first tested in places like San Francisco. You think Amazon Prime was first going to test their services in a place like Colfax? (Population 1,500 and in the middle of nowhere) Absolutely not. But in SF? Likely. We get to test out all the cool tech stuff first!

6. Awesome thrift stores!! Such gems to be found.

7. The fact that we can workout easily and it doesn’t have to feel like we are actually working out. Nor do we have to join a gym if we don’t want to. Want a higher, tighter booty? More defined calves? Just climb two of our hills a day. We are a city of 49 hills people… take advantage. Or just walk whenever you can, SF is a walkable city. Want to get some nature in? Go hiking. Marin headlands is RIGHT outside the Golden Gate. Want some views? Go run stairs- the lyon street steps are one! Go sailing in the bay– that’ll work the eff outta your arms haha. Or go do yoga at Grace Cathedral. That’s pretty damn rad. Point is: it’s so easy to stay fit in San Francisco and have fun while doing it.

8. Single in SF? Cool… there’s a lottttttt of single people here. There is absolutely no shortage of interesting people to meet.

9. In a relationship here? Cool…. it’s probably one of the most romantic cities to be in love in.

10. All the delivery services!!! Zomg…. Seamless, Caviar, Sprig, etc etc. Do you know how lucky we are that we can get delicious food delivered STRAIGHT to our door at ANY hour?! Let me tell you… I’ve been spending a lottttt of time back home at my parent’s house in Colfax, and if I want food and our kitchen is bare… my ass is driving 10 minutes to the nearest grocery store. And it closes at 9. The closest 24 hour food place is 30 minutes away…. be grateful San Francisco. Beeeeee grateful. That shiz is a luxury.

11. Speaking of food. GROCERY DELIVERY. Hellllllloooo Instacart. It’s so freaking nice to just be laying in bed scrolling through that app and picking out what you need for the week. And NOT having to go to the grocery store to get it. We have that option here… not every place does. In fact, most places don’t. Tech city, baby.

12. Going to bring up food again. We have some #BombAssDankAss restaurants here. We definitely have a foodie scene to be proud of here.

13. The fact that we have an airport where it’s 100% positively OKAY to tell your visitors they are on their own to get to your place and then back again is AWESOME. Saves so much time. For real, it’s just a part of SFO culture. It’s not even rude. Everyone takes Uber or Bart from SFO and it’s pretty darn nice not having to pick someone up or drop them off. Unless you really want to. But it’s not even rude to expect them to fend for themselves because everyone and their Mom does it when traveling here.

14. Speaking of… we can totally live a normal and fulfilling life without having a car here. In Colfax… if you don’t have a car, you’re shit outta luck. Staying home. Probably won’t see anyone but the mailman. If you want to get out of the house, you have to drive somewhere. You can’t NOT have a car in Colfax if you want to get out and do/accomplish things. You can not have a car in San Francisco.

15. If we are carless in San Francisco, we may deal with Uber fees, figuring out the BART schedules and bus routes… sure. But we DON’T have to deal with filling up on gas, worrying about getting our car back somewhere after a few drinks, never have to pick someone up because we actually cannot… we never have to deal with our car breaking down, or maintenance on our cars. Never have to wash a car. Clean a car. Etc etc… ya feel me? Not having a car is pretty freeing. (But yes, there are perks to having a car as well too! Like being able to get outta the city at the drop of a hat. Or getting to use your car trunk for extra storage. Not having to pay as much for moving, etc. Not discounting that.)

16. People actually want to visit you in San Francisco. It’s not hard to entice people to come visit this beautiful city. Basically sells itself…

17. All the culture we have here!!! The history!!! Holy moly. It’s rich… so rich… and incredibly meaningful. And interesting! Something anyone living here can appreciate.

18. All the different neighborhoods make it SO FUN. Each has their own little quirks. Their own flavor. China town, North Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pacific Heights, The Mission, SoMa, Noe Valley, Sunset…. just to name some. These are ALL in San Francisco yet they are all SO different from each other. Tell me that’s not cool and something that sets our city apart!

19. We have some gooooood ass coffee in San Francisco. And boba tea!! By the abundance! Just another luxury of SF y’all.

20. We’re a melting pot of all different kinds of people living in SF. That’s a beautiful thing. <3

I love this city and the people in it so much!

Happy thanksgiving everyone. Grateful to live in a city like San Francisco.

What else to add to the list?! Share em below VF readers!