There are sooo many articles out there with these generic New Years Resolutions. That’s cool… but let’s get specific here for the SAN FRANCISCO GIRLS. We have readers from all over but 75% of y’all are from the Bay! This is for you.

If you’re new to The Violet Fog– WHAT’S UP GIRL. We are a close knit community and I (and occasionally other writers) write about life in the city, heavy and real experiences (we keep it very personal) and we write a LOT about wellness. Plus we do a ton of feature articles as well. SO hope you get the time to bop around the site after! Would be happy to have you. 🙂 Our readers are the coolest- many of them have made friends and done some great networking! Connecting is the best part.

Okay– let’s do this.

10 New Years Resolutions San Francisco Girls Can Make (IF she wants- boss ladies!)

1. Less Ubers and Lyfts, more walking! Save money and get a little bonus exercise in the week. OR learn more Muni routes you could take! I swear to G there is something peaceful about walking to your destination if you can. Often times you can get somewhere quicker if there is major traffic!

2. Venture outside of your neighborhood more often. Go explore. To a new coffee shop, venue, restaurant, bar, park… whatever! It’s a dense city full of cool hoods and it’s pretty damn hard to be “bored” here. The variety in San Francisco is a beautiful thing! Take advantage while you live here!

3. If you haven’t before, take part in some of the tourist-y SF things. Many of the tourist attractions here get little love from actual SF residents– and it’s too bad! Because San Francisco has a lot of rich history! Don’t pass up would could be a cool experience just because it’s tourtist-y. Be a tourist in your own city- why not celebrate it? It’s your city! Oh yes. We’re talking Alcatraz, up close and personal with the Golden Gate Bridge, China Town, Fisherman’s Wharf! Sutra baths… Coit tower… I could go on.

4. Wear your sunscreen every damn day. May this be the year that you protect yo skin and pamper it! Especially living in the city with all this traffic… the air isn’t always the best. This means you gotta protect it even more than, say… the girl living in the mountains where the air is beautiful 24/7. Girl those ain’t your cards right now if you live here. Beyond sun exposure, treat your skin RIGHT. We have SO MANY articles on skincare! Might I suggest starting with rosehip or apricot oil! A VF favorite. Also this article on aging gracefully has some good tips.

5. IF you drink too much coffee, perhaps more tea! Truly with you on this one. SF loves their coffee! I sure love mine. Do I drink too much? Probably! I know my ass has gotta be a little bit dehydrated. Tea helps! P.S… I have some kick ass tea not-your-traditional recipes happening in January 2018. For now- I do love this article on GOLDEN MILK. It’s not tea but… it’s full of health benefits and an alternative to coffee!

6. When walking around the city, more time observing and less time on your phone. So guilty of this one– and who knows how long we’ll live here? While we can- let’s take advantage of this BEAUTIFUL city we have to enjoy! Being present is a gift we can give to yourself. We’re all stressed as hell… let’s unwind in tiny moments throughout the day.

7. Watch more sunsets. San Francisco is just a busy ass city. WE are busy. It’s good for the soul to sit back and take in the sinking sun once in awhile. And with all those hills and views, SF sunsets rarely disappoint- ya gotta admit! Check your weather app- see when the sunset is… and plan to see one once in awhile.

8. Volunteer! What cause do you care about most? Give back to the city you love, and it’ll love you back even more.  You’ll probably love yourself even more just for being a badass human being! My friend Natalie (baker blogger from “Bake No Fake“) volunteers by feeding the homeless. Other friends of mine did a lot for the Northern California Fires this year. Our schedules are crammed, but let’s do something when we can.

9. Try a new activity or event you haven’t partaken in before. Why not switch it up sometimes? Adventure is good for you! Maybe… this year more concerts? More farmers markets? Karaoke?! Yoga in the park!? A quirky event? A street fair? San Francisco constantly has things going on. Every single day! How lucky are we?!

10. Be even kinder to strangers. #NiceGirlsClub… Let’s keep our SF girl tribe goin’ and keep looking out for each other! One of my favorite articles we ever wrote on VF was “Nice things you can do for your fellow stranger girls in SF.” Read that here. 🙂

11. If you’re single- protect thy heart. Ladies, we know this, a LOT of men here are not wanting to settle down. San Francisco is a very transient city and many people are here just for experience or advancing their career. May THIS BE THE YEAR that you believe someone when they tell you they don’t want a relationship. You’re not going to change that. And honay, you don’t have time to waste. If you want a boyfriend/girlfriend, find someone who also wants a boyfriend/girlfriend.

12. If you’re heartbroken- don’t hide out, get out in the city and LIVE. May this be the year you get over that someone and create new memories that have nothing to do with them. I have some great articles that might tug at your heartstrings or turn a lightbulb on in your head. You got this!

13. Simplify your life with SF tech and city services– YO. We have SO MANY COOL SERVICES in SF. If you feel like you don’t have enough time- where can you BUY yourself some time and be better for it? We have apps for laundry services. We have MEAL DELIVERY services (THISTLE is my all time favorite.) Learn specific bus routes that get you somewhere quicker than an Uber would in traffic. Have a dog and can’t walk them? Try Rover or WAG apps. Where can you simplify and buy time?

14. Update your resume and cheer on your girlfriend’s careers- We are all trying to get ahead in life. And San Francisco is COMPETITIVE. This year, update your resume. You know you did a lot in 2017! Add it. Update your LinkedIn. Go to more networking events! And cheer your girlfriends on in their pursuit of career girls. We are all aiming for EQUALITY right? Let’s help each other get there! In my girl group- we are always celebrating the small wins- promotions, etc. Encourage your girlfriends to GO FOR IT. Side story: In the Violet Fog All girl’s Facebook Group– my best friend Kerrie offered to redo one girl’s entire resume and she ended getting some great value from that!

15. Explore outside of San Francisco— Oakland, San Jose, etc… those places are POPPIN’ and have a TON of culture and entertainment! Go visit your friends in those areas. Take the bart. Take the Caltrain. It’s so easy and it’s just so dang nice to get out of the city sometimes. My friend Mindy loves Oakland’s “First Fridays” street fair every month. She says it is INCREDIBLE and so happy and fun. And San Jose has awesome places to visit too- like the San Pedro Square market. SO FUN.

Toasting to you guys. Because y’all are the shit. And I seriously love you for reading and always joining in on the girl talk! The Violet Fog would simply not BE without you.

Would love to get to know you! Come say hi on Instagram if you haven’t already! The handle is @TheVioletFog.

Love you guys!! Hope to meet more of you in 2018. xx