No one I know cooks vegetables and plants more creatively than Austin’s favorite wellness Chef: Rachel Musquiz.

Context for people who don’t know Rachel, Founder of Curcuma Food Truck and Luna Fixa foods she runs a sustainable, ayurvedic, PLANT-BASED, gluten-free food truck out of East Austin and the food is INSANELY good for you. And insanely tasty. It’s very well-known around here. The benefits you get in Curcuma meals and beverages are tremendous- everyone who visits Curcuma frequently, and I am one of them– we KNOW how great we feel after a meal here. And even being so healthy, it still feels like a treat.

If you visit Austin and you want a different kind of food truck experience….. go to Curcuma. It’s such a meaningful and yes -instagramable- spot. YOU’LL LOVE IT! Get the pecan tacos, mud-water chai, plant-based broth OR her locally famous turmeric latte.

The truck is located at the Soma Vida Wellness Co-working spot.


Rachel had me over for dinner and over super fun girl-talk (and science talk let’s be honest)– I learned a few things from watching her cook. They are simple and easily applicable.

3 Random Tips With Cooking Vegetables- via Rachel

1. Sprinkle raw micro-greens over your finished product from time to time. Micro-greens have a ton of special plant compounds and polyphenols- which are anti-cancer, anti-disease… great for the liver. Just to name a few. So often we go for big greens and rarely reach for the micro-greens (like broccoli sprouts)– so start using micro-greens! It’s very UNcomplicated. Just sprinkle them on something at the end! Tacos, salads, pizzas. It can add a unique taste depending on what you choose. Some have little taste and won’t impact the taste of your meal at all… except make it way more beneficial health-wise. Try it out!

Rachel Curcuma

2.  Have you ever tried ZUCCHINI sliced super thinly on your PIZZA? I’ve tried a bunch of different vegetables on pizza but never Zucchini thinly laid out like that. Let me tell you- when laid flat and ALL OVER your pizza and then cooked… the texture it gives the final product is really satisfying. It kind of mimics the feel of partially melted cheese. It’s such a tasty addition– both crunchy and soft at the same time. Plus you can benefit from the extra potassium and antioxidants that zucchini provide.

3. Cook your mushrooms in coconut oil and use a cast iron.

Say’s Rachel “Once the mushrooms start to cook, and you’ll know when the mushrooms start to let go of their liquid— they’ll turn a darker brown, then add a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt to bring out the flavor. Let them cook for a few more, and then I recommend adding green veggies. If they have been just rinsed, the added moisture helps to steam the greens.”

…I remember when I learned about pairing coconut oil and kale together (seriously the best combo) I felt like it was a game-changer. That’s how I now feel about mushrooms in coconut oil! Before I mainly used avocado oil.

Rachel Curcuma

There were so many more tips! Would love to do more VF content with Rachel on vegetables, herbs, and plants! Let me know if you loved this content and I’ll make it happen. Always creating for YOU. <3

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