America is a salt and pepper nation. We use salt and pepper on almost everything. And while it tastes great, we are missing out on some using really healthy spices that could easily take the place of our tried and true S&P.

I want to talk about three that are SUPER easy to incorporate today. The kind of spices that if you use them weekly, you are sure to reap health benefits from. Remember, consistency is key! What good is a spice jar of X if you only use it once a month? You’ll get the taste benefit, and a small boost from using it in the moment… but the magic happens when you use these spices regularly.

Let’s get into three to start with.

The Healthiest Spices To Cook With


Thyme is part of the mint family. The aroma is very subtle and dry and is thought of as a spice that blends seamlessly in most dishes including sauces, stuffings, pastas, meats (if you eat meat), etc. Thyme is also a super complex spice- many saying that it is both bitter and floral. “Pine-like” is a way people often describe it, which makes sense given it is from the mint family.

Benefits of Thyme:
-Vitamin C
-Vitamin A (anti-aging)
-Iron (how many of us need more iron?!)
-Magnesium (helps with digestion!)

Thyme is said to lower blood pressure, help with sore throat or respiratory conditions, and aids in fighting cancer cells. It’s also said that Thyme is high in antioxidants and is antimicrobial. See this cool study here!

Healthiest spices for cooking

Coriander comes from dried seeds of the coriander plant. It has a nutty, slightly spicy, and orangey taste to it. The taste is subtle, meaning it is SO EASY to incorporate it into almost any dish. I look at it like, “why not add a dash of this?” even to meals that are already really flavored. It won’t change the taste too much and it adds so many health benefits. It’s an “earthy” spice that is quiiiiite universal in its uses. So give it a go!

Benefits of Coriander:
-Great for digestion
-Helps with UTI prevention
-Gives you a boost of Vitamin K (bones!)
-Helps with bloating

Check out this article here about how it can also help lower cholesterol.


Healthiest spices for cooking

If you are not yet incorporating TURMERIC into your diet- zomg… what are you doing?! HOP ON IT! This is arguably one of the most POWERFUL herbs on the planet. Turmeric is INTENSELY yellow colored (it will stain) and has a strong flavor profile. Many describe it as being sharp and bitter with notes of orange and ginger. It is not a spice that you can throw on top of anything (like coriander) and should be treated as a key flavor profile should you use it. Wait until you read the benefits!

Benefits of Turmeric:
-Incredibly anti-inflammatory
-Helps strengthen the liver
-Helps to ease pain
-Helps fight off cancer cells
-Strengthens immune system
-Wonderful for skin and treating skin conditions
-Great for the BRAIN as well

Here’s an in-depth study done on Turmeric that goes as far as calling it the “golden spice”– and this is a medical journal!

I picked these three spices because I find them so easy to start incorporating ASAP. It’s all about small steps that one after another start to become a big, worthwhile journey!

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