Just as important as your diet is your SLEEP. I am not joking when I say that high-quality sleep WILL increase your odds of not only living longer, but staying sharp, alert, and strong as you get older. Overall you will age more gracefully if you prioritize sleep as much as you can. Consequently, poor quality sleep is going to mess with you. And I want to help you with this!! Let me tell you some things I do. 

***Please note that this is NOT medical nor professional advice. It’s just my research + a depiction of some of the ways in which I approach sleep.

***P.S- we can thank BEAM for sponsoring this post by giving me the bandwidth to do extra research, execute on content and then write up an entire article! They are passionate about educating people on CBD, recovery and sleep and I appreciate their support of the VF community. Opinions are always my own!! You know I’m a stickler on this.


As my mentor, Nurse Doza tells us, “It’s less about how long you have slept and more about the quality of it.” (See his article on brain fog here.)

Are we staying asleep? Are we waking up in the middle of the night? Are we tossing and turning? Are we waking up feeling stiff? Do we fall asleep and wake around the same time each day? How often are we getting to “sleep like a rock”?

Violets… I want you to be sleeping like ROCKS lol.

I know is not accessible to everyone given different lifestyles, but I do think that these tips can help you out and I hope that one day everyone can achieve a healthy sleep life.

Onto my random hacks!

3 ways to easily biohack your sleep


I am talking a good 10 minutes. 20-30 minutes would be a reaaaal treat if you could. But try for 10! I like to multi-task. I use stretching time to listen to a podcast, catch up with Dan… sometimes I’ll stretch when I’m scrolling on IG so I can feel like I did something else productive while I’m creepin’. Or I’ll stretch while reading. Like picture me trying to do the splits and reading haha. It winds me down!

Stretching has long been touted as beneficial for the body (one study even shows it helps on a cardiovascular level) and many analyses are most interested in what stretching means for athletes. I don’t think stretching just something athletes should be concerned about, and I also don’t think it is a make or break thing (in fact this researcher is almost anti-stretching) but I think the MAIN benefit is…

STRETCHING feels good. It can help move stagnant fluid, help you loosen up stiff muscles before bed and it’s a really nice way to wind down that doesn’t involve a blue screen. It’s relaxing and can help relieve tension.

How many of us are getting into bed feeling tense from the day? After stretching, you immediately feel better. It’s a physical thing, it’s a mental thing…. they both affect your sleep.

When I’m good and on my solid routine, I do this 3-4X per week and I can tell a difference when I stretch before bed. I aim to do this every night but, #Life! 😛


This is where I am going to plug the dream blend by Beam. (I don’t make a commission! But feel free to use my code VIOLETFOG for a discount!) Dream Blend is incredible. I am currently using it for the next few months to help train myself into a regular circadian rhythm. It is my goal to be asleep (as in not just in bed but full-on asleep) from 10am-7am. At least on nights where I can control it. Dream blend really helps me with this because my circadian rythm is not super strong yet. It still has a ways to go before it ebbs and flows in a beautiful rythm- which is what I want! I need help with that right now.

Let’s first talk nanotechnology CBD and then WHY the dream blend.

beam dream blend review

6 months ago, I set out to understand CBD on a deeper level and wrote a super thorough research article on it. That article took me so much time but DANG did I learn a lot.

One thing I talked about that I, quite frankly, think is the future of CBD… is the super bioavailability of nanotechnology CBD. It cannot be ignored! It’s SO GOOD. 

What is nanotechnology CBD? I like this description from Well + Good: “Scientists are able to take certain substances, like CBD, and create nanoparticles of them that are so small, they can be absorbed into your bloodstream more efficiently than regular-sized particles of the same substance. “As the particles get smaller and smaller, the microparticles still behave very similarly to the macroparticles,” says Anubhav Pratap Singh, PhD, an assistant professor of food processing at the University of British Columbia. “But as we reduce the particles to a few hundred nanometers, some properties of the particles are completely different than the old particles…[for instance], they can pass through gaps that they were unable to [pass through] before. So we try to take advantage of this in different forms.”

Basically CBD molecules are basketball-sized and shrunken down to MARBLE size with nanotechnology CBD.

And by the way- the cleanest way of utilizing CBD is with sonification (it has to do with SOUND.) BEAM uses sonification! (Most brands do not use sonification. I’ve checked!)

I think what science has to say about CBD is so fascinating. 

For instance, this study covered 47 individuals who experienced regular poor sleep quality- they showed improved in their sleep in as little as one month on CBD. 

It is also thought that CBD can help with REM sleep– which are those deep theta waves that we want.

One scoop of Dream before bed does it for me. I take it about an hour before bed and it’s like a super healthy hot chocolate. It has rest supportive reishi (a grand adaptogen!) in it, a low dose of melatonin, and magnesium glycinate in it which helps with anxiety and restlessness. It truly is SUCH an innovative product. 

Click here to try it out– and feel free to leave any follow-up questions below!

Tip Three: No more than 8oz of liquid 5 hours before bedtime

I started incorporating this and it’s been really beneficial for me. If you are always waking up in the middle of the night– is it to go pee? There IS something you can do about that. 

CBD, getting into a deeper sleep… making your room darker. Getting the temperature cooler. No screens before bed and… NO EXCESS OF LIQUID BEFORE BED.

I make it a point to drink all my water during the day. By 5pm, you know what I’m drinking? Nothing. My only drink is one last little potion at night, no more than 8oz. Often it’s my dream blend! 

It seems so simple but you’d be surprised how many people are catching up on their hydration in the evening. Try not to, try to drink your liquids during the day… see if that makes a difference. 

Hope you enjoyed these tips, Violets! Again, BIG THANK YOU TO BEAM for giving me the bandwidth to write this and educate more people on the benefits of CBD! Would love to hear your experiences below. <3