I am a big fan of the phrase: TEST DON’T GUESS. 

And if you can’t test– do mini-trials on yourself and keep notes! Get in the habit of really listening to your body and how it responds to things. I am always running experiments with food and my health. Documenting everything. Did something work?  Did it not?… etc. Keep figuring shit out. What sucks is we will never get a true break from figuring it out because we are always changing and evolving.  But keep taking time to understand what’s going on with your body in the present moment and act on it. 

Things You Can Learn From A Blood test

IF you can- get a full extensive blood panel. Can’t recommend specific ones as this isn’t medical or professional advice but I will say I did the Boston Heart blood panel at MSW Lounge (In Austin– Bee Caves area)…. and I learned a lot about my body. So wonderfully eye-opening. Many light bulbs went off for me.

Sheer joy is what I got out of doing a blood panel. It won’t tell you everything but it will give you a LOT of the missing pieces of things you are trying to figure out. It’s awesome. 

Just to get you fired up about potentially getting a blood panel done— here are some of the VERY SPECIFIC things about myself that I was able to learn in one fell swoop- ONE test. By the way, DM me if you ever have Qs about blood panel costs, etc. I have opinions! I’m @TheVioletFog

Real quick- should we fast before a blood test?

I fasted for 12 hours! Some require this and some do not. The Boston Heart Blood Test requires you fast for 12 hours. Water only!

The reason why I got this test is because I wanted to test my progress since the last time I had been tested over a year ago, when I was undergoing MAJOR gut issues. I *still* have a lot to heal. Healing your gut can take anywhere from 6-2 years. It can also be ongoing for life if you’ve had a lot of damage. But I’m determined to keep getting better (and I am getting better!!) so it doesn’t get me down. I know I’m being proactive. I also believe our bodies are ever-changing- like by leaps and bounds every single year.  So I like to get tested now and then. Even as healthy as I am- there’s always something to improve.


Boston Heart Blood Test

1. My B6 is low.  

 Here’s why I care about this. Low B6 levels have been tied to depression. I’ve suffered a lot of depression in my life. It has robbed me of so many happy years. I need to understand why it comes back…. the more I understand depression and how it relates to me— the less depression I deal with. I am super proactive about this! I don’t give up.

So… foods that are high in B6:
***Well foods that are high in B6 that I would eat 😉
Eggs, bread (VF kind), potatoes, chickpeas, bananas, avocados, and carrots.  

Also- Low B6 usually means low serotonin and I do have often lower serotonin levels so this makes sense to me! The two can go hand in hand.

2. I stilllll have thyroid trouble

Eww my thyroid is being a biotch! What is her problem!! lol. Every blood test I have gotten in the last ~2 years has indicated that I have a hypothyroid. This shiz can affect your metabolism, energy levels, AND how well your bodies’ processes work! So it matters

*Le Sigh*… I really need to do more research on hypothyroidism. I know some things, definitely the bare bones, but I need to learn more and do some self-assessing of whether or not I’m doing all I can to help it. Or the best I can at that moment. Whatever! You get it. I need more knowledge.

Part of my plan: eat more seaweed, get in my zinc, keep avoiding gluten, keep working on keeping caffeine to a minimum (very hard for me). Etc.

Things I don’t want to give up: It sucks that some experts believe that cruciferous veggies are bad because they have been linked to diminishing the thyroid’s production of thyroxin… this could potentially be a problem for those with hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s.  I just need to see stronger research before I can let that go! To me– cruciferous veggies are like GOLD to the human body when it comes to liver and brain health. So I will be dragged out kicking and screaming before I give these up! lol. If you DO NOT have a hypothyroid don’t consider this! 😛 (Not medical advice just my two cents.)

3. My cortisol levels are okay– could be better

This affects insulin levels and my insulin resistance is sensitive. This makes sense because almost everything on my blood panel points to I need to work on my insulin resistance.  Honestly— I think I’ve just been way too stressed. Like my cortisol has been raising far too often than it should. I need to activate the parasympathetic more often! (Aka rest and digest.)

4. My adiponectin levels are low.

Adiponectin is a protein hormone that helps regulate glucose levels. Glucose levels are basically your blood sugar levels. (Again this is obviously never professional advice.) It is thought that people who have low Adiponectin levels are or WILL eventually be at risk for Type 2 Diabetes if they don’t do something about it. This is also tied to insulin resistance!

F*ckkkkkk lol. Nurse Doza told me this is common for Vegans as they don’t eat meat or dairy and this can affect adiponectin levels. I’m not a Vegan but I am mostly plant-based and don’t get in a lot of meat. I eat meat maybe once every 6 weeks.  Low adiponectin levels also tells me I need to get more B3. For someone plant-based, I can get this through more legumes and seeds. Could also do tuna. I could also take a B3 supplement. Many ways to deal with this! BTW- B3 is also known as Niacin.

So you bet your assssss I am going to do something about it. Raise those adiponectin levels!

My very specific game plan: Eat more olive oil, make sure I am always getting my exercise in week after week, GET IN B3 (which I can get through legumes and seeds or supps.) I could also eat tuna. BTW…. on Instagram, I do a series called SUPPLEMENT SATURDAY and I mentioned an antioxidant I supplement with called Astaxanthin and guess what? Astaxanthin is great for adiponectin levels.  Yay!

5. I need to increase my CoQ10 levels

CoQ10 is a compound that helps generate energy inside of our CELLS. Our body makes it and then stores it in our mitochondria. (You’ve heard me talk about mitochondria on IG stories before.) Anyway– Our body makes CoQ10 naturally buttttt it decreases as we age. 

NOT ON MY WATCH!!! 😛 lol.

Also— guess what? Low B6 is also tied to low CoQ10 levels! Do you see how everything comes in full circle? CoQ10 is also related to insulin resistance levels aka blood sugar levels AKAAAAA glucose levels which is directly tied to Adiponectin levels…. again- a big ass circle! I have learned so much.

It also isn’t good for the skin to have low CoQ10 levels (like me) and it isn’t great for the brain! So that motivates me even more to raise my levels.

Game plan: Keep getting NAD shots (that’s whole story! But it has to do with healthy mitochondria- which CoQ10 is tied to. More on this later)… also try to get in more CoQ10 high foods like olive oil and seeds. Unfortunately, COQ10 is very prevalent in meat and I don’t eat a lot of meat! I’m also starting to supplement with some CoQ10. (It’s part of another vitamin I take.)

THERE IS SO MUCH YOU CAN FIND OUT WITH A BLOOD TEST! I didn’t even scratch the surface here.

If you are in Austin– I highly recommend MSW LOUNGE! I write research articles in exchange for their services. They’re incredible. Best of the best of the best of the bessssssst.  Check them out!