Brain fog is a problem for so many people. I know whenever I mention tips or tricks for keeping a sharp brain on the VF Instagram— I always get a bunch of messages. People are concerned with this!

As someone who deals with chronic fatigue (but damn am I on the up and up!) I am the first one to want to learn and then hopefully educate about brain fog.


I interviewed one of my mentors, Nurse Doza from MSW Lounge– also co-founder of Slenderella.

He is INCREDIBLY PASSIONATE about brain and liver health.

Today, we get into brain health with him. Specifically, on how to combat brain fog.

These are great tips… are you ready Foggers? Let’s hear it from a PRO. And someone who genuinely cares about the VF community.

5 tips he gave me….. paraphrased by yours truly! ME. 😛

How to get rid of brain fog

Find A Good Magnesium

Specifically, find yourself a good highly BIOAVAILABLE magnesium.

The best kind is Theronate magnesium. In regards to brain fog, it could help with neurotransmitter production. Some people have a low production of neurotransmitters. (I for one will say that getting my neurotransmitter production back up since my past with addiction is something I’m always actively working on.) A low production of neurotransmitters = a lack of communication amongst brain cells. A lack of communication amongst brain cells = brain fog.

For people who have brain fog, this means the pathways in the brain might also be off its railways. Theronate magnesium shifts the brain’s pathways in the right direction. (This is the magnesium I use at night– my code for a discount is VIOLETFOG. I don’t take a commission.)

Reduce Sugar Intake

If a person has brain fog, they should dramatically reduce their sugar intake. The amount of sugar you consume influences your everyday functions. Why? Sugar spikes your insulin.

When you consume sugar, the pancreas kicks out insulin (a hormone) that takes your glucose/blood sugar and stores it in your tissues (organs, muscles, fat)… Whatever sugar or glucose you DON’T use for energy, you will store. We don’t want that! If we’re not active, we’ll store a lot of sugar. Our insulin works hard to store that sugar. If insulin is going up, it’s going up in all parts of the body- including the brain.

If our insulin goes high all the time, it crashes. When it crashes, the brain is overwhelmed. That causes brain fog. So don’t overdo it on the sugar!

Get your homocysteine levels checked

In bloodwork, homocysteine is an inflammatory marker– it’s checked for brain and heart inflammation. If it’s higher, the question would be… is it coming from the brain or the heart? One way to determine is to look at your genetic makeup.

If you take SamE with TMG (Remember when I talked about Bliss for serotonin/dopamine production? This is it.) SAM-e with TMG lowers the homocysteine levels… so if you had a problem with homocysteine (which can cause brain fog), this could help. SAM-e and TMG can help homocysteine convert back to methionine.

Increase Your Healthy Fats

Our brains are made of fat. Specifically, DHA and arachidonic acid. The DHA is around 3/4 of the brain. Eat foods that are high in DHA. Often foods that are high in DHA are monounsaturated fats. Think sardines, salmon, avocados. DHA comes in the form of Omega 3. (You know I love to talk about Omega 3s!)

So help your brain out– eat more healthy fats! P.S… healthy fats are great for your skin too. Just ask Christie Brinkley. Just sayin’!


It’s not the idea of getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night… it’s…. are you STAYING asleep? That’s what matters. There is a pattern with our waves of sleep called the circadian rhythm that regulates our sleep cycle pattern.

In this sleep cycle, we have brain waves and neurotransmitters that help us get the most out of our sleep. We need to get “the most” out of our sleep because when we sleep, we detox and restore and regenerate. The deeper sleep we get (aka staying asleep), the more regeneration we get. This is crucial: We want to get theta waves in our sleep cycle. If we can get a full seven hours of theta waves- we’d be superhuman. Not a claim- but a theory! (Even 3-4 hours of theta waves is good.)

When we regenerate during sleep, our brains benefit from this. Healthy, detoxed brain = less brain fog.

Get after it, Violets! Get to your best brain-fog-less self!

Thank you to Jonathan Mendoza (Nurse Doza) for all of his wisdom and knowledge!

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