Immune system health should be top of mind to everyone, yes everyone, right now.

With flu and coronavirus…. if anything, it’s a wakeup call that year-round we should be striving to keep our immune systems STRONG. Don’t wait until a disaster is striking.

I get that some people just have naturally compromised immune systems– but for those who can do something about it… holy f*ck batman, we SHOULD do something about it. This means getting healthier. Making better food choices. Sweating. Fewer people getting sick = less chance of infection for everyone else! Coronavirus or not, this is my belief. It is in OUR hands.

Stay washing those paws, yo!!! Keep the paws off the face!! Limit your sugar- that can weaken the immune system!

***Please note that this is NOT professional nor medical advice

But BEYOND ALL THAT- here are some things we can take that help our immune system.

5 Ways To Strengthen The Immune System

1. Take Elderberry

I am so gung-ho on Elderberry. In times when everyone around us is sick- this is great to talk daily. It’s not something that builds up your immune system long term, but it does ACUTELY strengthen your immune system. It’s like putting on armor for the day. It’s even been studied by science for those who are flying– touting for beneficial it can be. (See this study as well.)

The only Elderberry I take these days is Cassie Green Health. I like that it’s low sugar, has other healing benefits in it AND it’s a medicinal dose. Please look at the dosage- I think well over 1000mg is best (not medical advice) but that’s how I roll! On travel days I will take over 3000mg.

***I don’t work in an official partnership with Cassie Green Health- although they do send me a bottle from time to time! Use code VIOLETFOG for a discount.

****Elderberry has not been proven to help Coronavirus directly, but it does help the flu. And it certainly helps strengthen the immune system overall.

2. Get In Your Turmeric/Curcumin

Specifically, Curcumin is the active of turmeric that helps the immune system. (See study recap here.) I take at least 2 tsp of turmeric 4X a week– but really recommend getting in a curcumin extract if you can. On days when I feel extra comprimised (around more people, maybe feeling weaker, etc) I will take it daily.

Turmeric alone DOES help with the immune system! I always reach for it.
But yes- curcumin from an extract is more potent. (Oftentimes, liver supplements will have higher doses of curcumin.)

I recommend either taking a turmeric supplement OR drinking a turmeric latte every day during times when you need to keep your immune system strong. During times when there isn’t a virus flying around (!!) I will include turmeric in my potions at least 4X a week.

You can also include turmeric in your cooking!

MAKE SURE you are pairing your turmeric with black pepper and a healthy fat! This is NEEDED to maximise absorption.

3. Now’s The Time To Try Medicinal Mushrooms

It’s a shame there aren’t more human clinical trials done on mushrooms. Pharmaceutical companies will pour millions into human studies because they are hoping they can patent the drug being tested and then make a lot of money from it. There is no incentive to pour millions of dollars into a human trial with food or herbal elements because it can’t be patented.  Bulllllllshit.

The use of mushrooms has been around for thousands of years. Eastern medicine, baby! I really like a blend of Eastern and Western medicine.

The mushroom I am using right now is Chaga. I even have my parents taking it. Chaga is known as the KING of mushrooms- it is widely known for being great for the immune system. (See analysis here.)

I am taking 2.000mg (or 2 grams) of Chaga per day. I am VERY STRICT on this right now. See this study that goes over its antioxidant effect.

Something to note: Chaga is not for those who are on blood thinners or have diabetic issues!

BONUS: Chaga has fiber in it! Always trying to get in more fiber. (See my high fiber bread recipe here.)

I’m currently working with OM Mushrooms– I am going to write in depth about them soon but I HIGHLY recommend their mushroom powder. I love their chaga. I put it in tea, potions and Dan’s coffee! I’ve been talking about mushrooms/adaptogens for years so as you can see it’s been a long time to find a brand that met VF standards. Use my code VIOLETFOG for a discount. Get the chaga!! You get 50 servings in one bag which is awesome.

4. Eat your garlic!

Garlic has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal property.  The only thing that sucks is that garlic makes your breath RAAAANK and that can be a true lifestyle problem. But man does it work when it comes to helping the immune system!

People have been able to shorten their colds.
It can act as a strong heavy metal detoxer.

It’s truly one of those foods that both western and eastern practitioners agree on- it is POTENT. In fact, one of my favorite practitioners Dr. Ben Lynch recommends garlic to those who are sick or those who have been around sick people. He wrote about it once on an Instagram post and there were hundreds of comments of people saying eating a bunch of garlic helped their sickness tremendously.

Try to eat a clove raw now and then. 😉 Dare yourself!

5. Get in extra Camu Camu

Well– get in extra vitamin C rich food. If you want a food that is higher in Vitamin C than anything on the planet… get that camu camu baby! It’s bitter but it’s so easily disguised in smoothies. I sometimes cook with it too. You can read this entire Vitamin C article I wrote for Karen Berrios (I write research articles for her brand- best maca and camu camu I have ever found.)

I make a habit of eating Vitamin C rich foods throughout the day (as vitamin C helps knit collagen and I am always looking to do that) and I think a little dose of camu camu once a day is potent and effective. 1 teaspoon 4X a week is what I do! Make sure your camu camu is high quality- lots of crap brands out there okay! Of course, I am going to plug Karen Berrios because hers is the top tier in my opinion. She also has a capsule option.

6. BONUS: Drink lots of tea with high antioxidants in it throughout the day! I recommend matcha and also butterfly pea tea! I drink a couple of glasses a day (or include them in potions.)

….We got this, Violets!!