We’ve been seeing posts on posts on posts for Halloween articles. There’s a lot of played out stuff and tutorials that are SO HARD there’s no way in hell we would personally try it (plus, don’t got the time… BYEEEE). Or posts where you’re like, “okay, looks sick… but that’s going to cost a lot of money.”

So we dug around and found these articles with cool angles or ideas that we thought were either useful or really cool and different!

1. Affordable and fun Youtube channel for Halloween DIY and Hacks

Fashion By Ally makes such cute videos and her stuff actually seems DO-ABLE. Homegirl has eight, yes EIGHT videos just for Halloween 2015.

2. Old School (ish) couples costumes that are actually super rad

We can appreciate this list! Not too corny for once. Not like it’s a bad thing to get corny on Halloween though… it is Halloween.

3. An easy, cute, and just creepy enough finger food appetizer recipe 

Now these are festive and don’t seem to hard to make! Plus… NOM. Once again, our doctor blogger (A Side of Sweet) never disappoints!

4. This idea to dress as “party animals” with your friends as an inexpensive group costume

Well done Lauren Conrad, well done.

5. A makeup tutorial that looks simple enough to do if you just want to wear all black


Even Katey could master this lol. The pictures are side by side from start to finish which makes it even easier.

6. Holy shiz remember Orange Julius’s? We’re making this healthy version on Halloween


Gotta love The Skinny Confidential for always remaking classic favorites into healthier versions. For those who plan on staying in and watching Hocus Pocus on Netflix for Halloween (us… although maybe not Cynthia, she’s cooler) this would be a nice little treat to make yourself.

7. A Halloween Spotify playlist that are actual songs (aka not Monster Mash) but are spooky
Credit to whoever came up with this mix at Darling Magazine.. it’s pretty darn clever.

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      Violet Fog

      Thanks for coming up with the easiest Halloween recipes! We’re also craving an Orange Julius :p


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