For the last 8 years… yes, EIGHT years… there is one kind of shoe that I keep on purchasing. The reason is, without fail, they go with pretty much ALL of my outfits. They are also very elongating. AKA slimming. And for having the ability to totally dress them up (or not)… they are really comfortable too.

I’m talking about none other than the BLACK ANKLE BOOTIE.

Now, at the end of this, I’m going to tell you exactly what to look for. But first, here is proof that I wear the SHIT outta my ankle booties… and why I recommend them to all my lady folk out there!

I wear them with jeans when I still want to show some ankle. They are great errand running shoes.

I wear them with jean shorts when the weather permits. They always add some coolness and edge.

And yet… they can also look so modern and professional. I’ll wear them for meetings paired with midi and pencil skirts.

Heck, if I forgot to paint my toes… I’ll even wear them in the SUMMER time. With mini skirts. They work SO well.

I’ll wear them with my favorite crazy patterned pants… not many shoes go with them… but black ankle booties do!

I used to (still do!) wear them for going on the weekends when I don’t feel like wearing heels. Love them with circle skirts like this one.

Denim skirts, denim shorts, a leather skirt… leather SHORTS. They seriously go with EVERYTHING.

Just wrote on how I love to pair them with MAXI DRESSES in the winter. Are you convinced yet? lol

When I want to wear comfy jeans out but I want to look put together… black ankle booties baby.

With long skirts! I have legit worn my ankle booties to CONCERT FESTIVALS before. Stayed comfy, and no one trampled on my feet!

I just gave you TEN different scenarios on how versatile this style of shoe is, and I could honestly give you ten more. But for the sake of loading time… I won’t do that. But I think you catch the drift. These shoes are the shit. Totally my jam. Universal AF.

I recommend THIS PAIR, THIS PAIR, AND THIS PAIR (All Zappos, not sponsored.. just love their selection and service.) Oh and this pair is only $65 and has some subtle rad embroidery too! HOLLA!

But here is what you ultimately should be looking for if you want to purchase a pair for yourself …

-has a more POINTED toe. (Verses a more rounded toe) This makes them more slimming.
-sits AT or lower than your… “ankle balls” as I like to call them 😛 (This allows you to pair them with more styles of clothing)
-are made of SUEDE or a “softer” looking leather. (Those textures compliment other textures/colors really well)
-has a heel that is either black or a dark, dark brown. (More universal)
-has a heel that is 1.5-3.25 inches as it makes it MUCH easier to walk in. (I can walk 2.5 miles in 3 inch booties- good stability!)

Cynthia and I are actually trying to find the PERFECT “walkable” ankle booties and we will report back, but for now… mine are totally getting the job done until I need a new pair. Ladies, tell us! Do you rock the ankle bootie on the reg too? Or favorite way to style them?

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