We love the tips and tricks on Violet Fog don’t we?! I love sharing them, I love hearing them from you! THE BEST.

So today I’m going to give you some random wellness/beauty hacks I do *every single time* I travel. Or I should say- right before I leave to travel.

And by the way, my full list is long so maybe consider this a part one.

Also BY THE WAY but very crucial to note because transparency is SO IMPORTANT to me: This post *is* sponsored by Dr. Axe. Thank you to this fantastic brand that I believe in so much!! Okay- now on to the post.

Random Things I do Right Before I Leave For The Airport:

1. Have a cup of tea (or coffee) with ashwagandha in it.

Ashwa-WHAT. I know. Crazy name. But crazy benefits! I’ve mentioned ashwaghanda in a few articles (And Dr.Axe is a big advocate of ashwagandha) but here is the quick info: Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a unique class of SUPER healing plants or herbs that mostly work to stabilize your body and mind’s processes where it needs it. Ashwahandha is my favorite adaptogen thus far. It helps with your adrenal glands and hormones and mental stability. You know I am huge on mental health! Watch this video about it here. I really believe in the power of it when it comes to moodiness and anxiety. It helps to keep you feeling more…. even-keel. I’m someone whose emotions can spike and drop pretty quickly lol. I’m too reactive sometimes! Working on it. 😉 BUT– I notice a difference when I take ashwagandha. More calm but alert.

FLYING is stressful as heck. You better belieeeeve I drink a cup of tea with ashwagandha in it 30 minutes before I leave for the airport, train, whatever. Always. Like it’s not even second thought I *do not* skip this.

2. A snack with FIBER.

Alright let’s just say it- fiber makes you go. When traveling, it’s hard to stay on routine. Me? I’m a very…. private person. lol. I’m just not a fan of bathrooms that aren’t my own. So to stay “regular” I snack on fiber rich foods. What I used to do (and might give it another try) is pack raspberries in a little bag and bring it along. But once that shiz opened up in my purse and got EVERYWHERE so now I’m a little put off on bringing those.

I like bars when traveling for a few reasons:

1.  Because I know they will satiate my appetite.
2. Because I promise myself that having a bar means I WILL NOT buy expensive and often unhealthy airport food.
3. Because they’re so dang easy to just toss in my purse. They’re also a little decadent so it feels like a treat.

As I said: the main criteria for me in a bar is having AT LEAST 10g of fiber. At least. Also important to me: Minimally processed. Organic. Less than 10g of sugar. NO GRAINS. NO SOY. Something “extra” added because why not. In this case it’s bone broth which is fantastic for skin and gut health. So yes. This is what I look for. If I’m going to be on the go and need a bar- it’s gotta be a good one that’s going to do something nice for my body.

And OH YES Dr.Axe really has made my favorite, FAVORITE bar so far. Just ask my roommates… I keep requesting more to be delivered! I’m so impressed. It tastes sooo good too.

3. Make sure I have a sheet mask in my purse!

DUH. I am forever the biggest fan of sheet masks. They rock because they are so easy- most of them you don’t need to wash you. You just rub the rest of the serum in and go. Plus they feel so cooling and energizing. Just love em.

If I don’t bring one with me TO the airport (normally I do), I do one a half hour before I leave. But usually I bring them with me. I’ll do one on the flight if I have a window seat. If I don’t have a window seat… I’ll plan it out like this: Before OR after the flight, I’ll “go the bathroom” and legit just sit in there for 10-15 minutes while emailing/texting and masking. The only time I won’t do this is if the airport is super busy and there’s a line in the bathroom. YEAH I’M WEIRD. But it’s what I do and it makes a difference on how refreshed I look when flying!

Another tip: Most sheet masks I just buy from Marshall’s, T.J Maxx, etc. I have tried the most expensive ones and I swear they do the EXACT same job as the cheapies. So I buy the cheapies and I am more than happy. (You can get 5 for $5 at most Marshall’s. Just FYI.)

Should I do a part 2!? Thank you Dr.Axe for being a part of the Violet Fog community!

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