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Hi guys! So Violet Fog has covered the idea of a non-party trip to New Orleans before, which is an interesting concept. New Orleans is mostly known for its party atmosphere and also, increasingly, as a popular destination bachelor party location. In that respect, it may now be in second place behind Las Vegas as the most traditional boys’ weekend getaway. ​

Just for fun, I thought I’d take on number one. Vegas is the guys’ party destination, even if the idea of a traditional bachelor party in Sin City is starting to feel a bit old-fashioned. Okay, so The Hangover pretty much made a mockery of the whole concept; it’s hard for me to imagine many dudes gearing up for a traditional Vegas bachelor party and not feeling a little bit sheepish about it now. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m not talking about bachelor or bachelorette parties. I just want to devote a little bit of space to the idea that women, too, can have a great time in Vegas! ​

That probably goes without saying, but Vegas is often treated as if it’s solely a guys’ getaway. So, with no further blabbing, allow me to outline some of the fun things you and your ladies can get into in this bright, wonderful, and entirely absurd city. ​

Jump Off The Stratosphere ​

The Stratosphere Hotel has one of the scariest rides I’ve ever seen (note: not actually been on). It’s a giant titling mechanism that puts you in a sort of roller coaster car and angles you toward the ground, a billion feet below, and just allows you to slide to the end before stopping. No thanks. But the Stratosphere happens to have a lot of rides and experiences, and one that’s somehow a little less scary and a little more awesome is the jump. It’s basically a bungee jump, though you’re a little more strapped in than in your average bungee experience. It’s a great time, and you’ll have awesome memories and pictures with your girlfriends, and you can all poke fun at the friend who screams loud enough to be heard by pedestrians wandering the Strip. ​

This is random but if you’re not into crazy rides… Vegas does have high tech things going on too! Like Virtual Reality flying at Caesar’s Palace. (Side note– if you like to get nerdy like me… this virtual aquarium for early VR headsets is AWESOME.)

Try Your Luck At The Venetian​

Okay, here’s the thing about the actual gaming in Vegas. Much like sharks and shipwrecks, it’s also going digital. Particularly overseas, there are websites that offer innumerable casino gaming options, and they often have mini-games built in. One day, such games might take down even Vegas. But if you’re interested in table games and slot reels and the like, you should absolutely designate some time for the casino floors, and The Venetian is the coolest place to play. There are so many slots and video machines it can make your head spin, but that’s okay! Because when you’ve had enough, you can venture out back to enjoy oddly relaxing replicas of the Venetian canals. There may not be an attractive Italian gondola captain who will spirit you away for an espresso (sue me, we all have fantasies), but it’s still a relaxing place. ​

Hang Out At The Shops At Crystals​

“Two levels of opulent boutiques, restaurants, and artistic flourishes.” That’s the opening line to a review of this shopping and dining area by Fodor’s, and it ought to be all you need to hear. We always talk about Vegas for clubs, restaurants, gaming, and spas – but the shopping is top-notch also. Sure, most of what you like is going to cost more than a full night at the slot machines, but then Vegas is all about being irresponsible anyway! ​

The rest goes without saying. I assume you’re already on the lookout for awesome restaurants, fun bars, and clubs where you can dance your little happy feet off. You’re probably also keeping an eye on lists of the best spas and pools in town, and I can’t really one-up the thorough reviews that exists for those kinds of attractions. The ideas above should help you to make it a more unique experience, however, and to sift through countless activities that are available. ​

Have a great trip, and don’t forget to stare pensively at the Bellagio fountains once or twice! ​

​Christina Hayes is a blogger and freelance contributor with ambitions of starting a mobile lifestyle magazine. She
hopes to make it equal parts informative and entertaining, and doesn’t wish to be judged it also includes a section
on Bigfoot Hiking (which is exactly what it sounds like).

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