The Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay is almost like a movie set it’s so perfect. Every single detail embodies a beachy, luxurious, regal kind of vibe. Definitely a place to visit if you’re ever planning a special event– anniversary, holiday, birthday… you get it. It’s magnificent there.

And I could NOT believe I got the chance to spend a few days there on a media trip. Like that was something I wanted to have happen for a long time– ever since my first visit to Half Moon Bay last fall just to see a sunset. I saw the Ritz on the edge of the cliff and was like, “one day I hope I get to stay there. Just to see!” And I legit plotted how I could ever make that happen within my line of work. So believe me when I say I was SO GRATEFUL for this trip.

My friend Kat and I (From KatWalkSF) were there to cover the Global Cuisine Series. Which is the coolest thing to do if you’re a real foodie and want to submerse yourself in cooking culture at the Ritz– you learn how to make a few specific cultural dishes from BIG TIME Chef’s and then get to enjoy the meal with them. It’s really special. We had a blast and learned a ton.


The rooms are white, with touches of silver and blues. The most comfortable beds. Espresso machines. TV that comes with Netflix. Marble bathrooms. And the most GORGEOUS VIEWS. Holy cow the views…. insane.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Doesn’t this look like a movie set?!??

Ritz Carlton Half Moon BayRitz Carlton Half Moon BayRitz Carlton Half Moon BayRitz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Hotel room entry way… yes… an ENTRY WAY for your hotel room. (My apartment doesn’t even have that.)

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
I did NOT want to leave this place.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Outside there are fire places and chairs on the grassy areas, it’s beautiful.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Super classy bar. 😉

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Kat taking a photo… you can’t walk by this space without seeing someone whipping their camera out. It almost does’t look real.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Cozy fireplace. There’s fun places to explore all over the hotel.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
One of the restaurants- the Conservatory.

And at their restaurant Navio, they supposedly serve one of the BEST BRUNCHES out there. I’ve heard it’s worth a trip to Half Moon Bay just for that brunch.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay
Lots of people drinking yummy cocktails and enjoying great food out here. The social scene is great!

All in all… this is just a taste, a glimpse, at how beautiful the Ritz is. It’s truly a dream of a hotel. More of a resort if anything. Would I recommend this place? Obviously!! It’s the real deal. 🙂

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

The Ritz Carlton
1 Miramontes Point Road
Half Moon Bay, California 94019

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