There are many popular cities/towns in Colorado….

Denver, Boulder, Vail, Aspen…..

But have you ever heard of GOLDEN? It’s the cutest little city nestled at the base of the Rockies in Colorado.

It’s about 20 minutes from Denver and 40 minutes from Boulder. It’s charming, quaint, brimming with South Western culture and…. one walk up and down the streets, you’ll feel cozy, happy, and light on your feet. It just evokes that. It’s a one of a kind city, and definitely worth going to if you visit Colorado!

Being the health nut that I am (although relaxed about it on vacation), I thought I would give you the healthy-ish guide to Golden, CO.

Our STAY (And only our stay!) was sponsored at Table Mountain Inn— but you know (if you know me!) that my opinion is always honest. I don’t have to write anything up unless I really loved it.


The Healthy-Ish Guide to Golden, CO

1. Start off with a hike at Table Top Mountain
Table Top Mountain Hike Golden Colorado

This hike is easy to get to and overlooks ALL of Golden. See that flat top? That’s where you climb to! Even in the colder months, it’s still so beautiful. It was our first day in Colorado and we were totally able to handle the elevation gain. The entire hike itself is about an hour and a half round trip. It’s pretty easy!

Table Top Mountain Hike Golden Colorado 1
I wore hiking boots, but you could easily do it in sneakers.

Table Top Mountain Hike Golden Colorado 2

2. Find a cute place to stay!

Before getting a bite to eat, now is when I’d recommend unloading the car and settling into your hotel. I 100% recommend the Table Mountain Inn. All of the locals know and love The Table Mountain Inn. Mention it and they’ll say something to the tune of, “Great spot, great people over there!”

The hotel is Southwestern style– which is so cute. It’s quaint and home-y and they have THEE nicest staff. They also provide you with free water bottles throughout your stay which is so nice.

Another great thing about Table Mountain Inn is they are within walking distance of nearly ALL the shops and restaurants you’d want to go to! It’s the perfect location. Highly recommend a stay there!

Table Mountain Inn Review

Table Mountain Inn Golden
Many of the rooms boast a view of Table Top Mountain! It’s so pretty! I loved the look right at dusk. Just beautiful.

Table Mountain Inn Golden
Southwestern flair is everywhere here!

Table Mountain Inn Golden
Cute outdoor back patio! P.S They have a lot of weddings at this hotel!

Table Mountain Inn Golden
I loved the teal detailing! It’s all throughout the hotel.

I so highly recommend staying here!! It completely captures the essence of Golden.

3. Take a walk down Washington Ave.

Healthy Guide to Golden Colorado
This street is PEPPERED with the cutest shops! Nearly right next door to the Table Mountain Inn is a cute tea shop with all these trinkets. Go up and down the side streets and you’ll find a bunch more shops to pop into.

Healthy Guide to Golden Colorado

Table Mountain Inn Golden

4. Visit The Tributary Food Hall

Tributary Food Hall Golden
This SUPER CUTE place has 9 food and beverage vendors. They have long community tables and WiFi and the FRIENDLIEST of people work there! There are three spots in there that Dan and I absolutely loved.

The first is GENEROUS coffee. This coffee shop is so special- they donate a portion of their proceeds to various non-profits around the world and they are the real deal. They talked to us about projects they are currently donating to (and had a bunch of photos) and they even have volunteers working there from time to time who donate their wages to the causes. How great is that? They also have incredible lattes!

Woodgrain Bagels Golden
You should also stop at Woodgrain Bagels. We got their gluten-free everything bagel with vegan cream cheese and I promise you, PROMISE YOU… even to bagel lovers… you will eat this up in two seconds.

Kona Bowls Golden Colorado
Lastly at the Hall… KONA BOWLS. These bowls have no added sugar, are organic, and have tons of super food toppings! We got this for breakfast one day and it was so beautifully plated and tasted amazing. We felt great after too!

5. Enjoy dinner at the Table Mountain Inn Grill & Cantina

Table Mountain Inn Golden

Table Mountain Inn Grill And Cantina 5

We hear the Grill and Cantina are famous for their brunch (like seriously packed every weekend) but we tried out their dinner and it did not disappoint! For an app- definitely get the DIP TRIO. The chips are thick and some of them are almost crispy pita-like! The queso and guac is great too.

Table Mountain Inn Grill And Cantina 4
You should also get one of their margaritas. Just saying– they are slurp-worthy. Go with a FULL rim of salt- you’re on vacation!

Table Mountain Inn Grill And Cantina 2
Another app we loved is the ELOTE. It’s basically a loaded corn on the cobb. 10/10 would recommend.

Table Mountain Inn Grill And Cantina
And oh yes– GET DESSERT. 😉 They also have dessert DRINKS which looked divine too! We were way too stuffed to dive in but…. if you have room!

6. Get a breakfast burrito at Bonfire Burritos Bonfire Burritos Golden
Listen, not the healthiest…. but the healthiest for your soul. GO. Bonfire Burritos is a Golden staple!

7. Go to New Terrain Brewery

New Terrain Brewing Golden
This spot boasts BEAUTIFUL views and the beer (if you’re a beer drinker!) is really great! They even have ciders for those who are gluten free! They often have food trucks there as well so take advantage. You’ll love the back patio. There are fire pits and it’s dog friendly! Lots of doggos running around- it’s a lot of fun!

8. Eat at The Sherpa House

Sherpa House Golden
Oh the Sherpa House is the coolest spot. You’ll want to take all the photos! They tell you to “discover the culture of the Himalayans” it feels like just that. It is heart-healthy Himalayan cuisine and the decor is PHENOMENAL. P:S- this is right next to Table Mountain Inn!

Sherpa House Golden

9. Definitely stay at Table Mountain Inn and tell them I said hello!
10. Move to Golden.

LOL just kidding. But not really! After this trip, I really could see myself living in Colorado. It’s such a magical place!!

Thank you again to Table Mountain Inn for our stay! We are still talking about it. <3