First off– I’m starting to hate the term anti-aging. Because it stems from the idea that aging is a bad thing. It’s not! Aging is beautiful and can be so fun too! Okay okay not going down the rabbit hole. I’ve already written about age twice! (here and here.)

So let’s talk aging gracefully- if that’s a goal of yours. It is of mine- selfish energy sure but… is what it is! Gotta own it.

Now– I hate narrowing down skincare products to three things!! But I understand how overwhelming it can be. Sometimes it’s just like HOLY EFF THERE IS SO MUCH. How does one choose?! So let’s just start with a few things.

Too much information overwhelms me!!! And I’m someone who LIVES to research things! I’m always reading.

So I get it. Sometimes you just want the “in general” go-to advice.

Quick note: everyone’s skin and body chemistry is wildly different. I really, REALLY urge you to question everything you read and learn and ask yourself what it would mean for YOU. This is not medical or professional advice, it’s just my experience. I like to share with you guys what I learn and observe! I’m a nerd. A nerd who likes to share! 😛 haha

My top 3 “aging gracefully” ride of dies:

1. A ONE-INGREDIENT POWERHOUSE OIL. Preferably one with a high level of Vitamin A.

I believe that oils are key to aging gracefully and getting more glow-y skin. KEY. They moisturize so well and beyond that– NOURISH. Skin needs nourishment!! What it can do for you on the outside is important, but what it can do for you internally is almost MORE important. One thing our skin needs but doesn’t produce naturally is vitamin A. That’s why I like oils that have high vitamin A in them.

I think packaging is super important for oils. You don’t want it to oxidize quickly or be susceptible to more outside bacteria! I personally like an oil that is in DARK casing and pours out from a small opening (this sounds dirty!). Second best (and often easiest) is from a dropper.

A good place to start: Apricot Oil. Look how clean this label is!! *HEART EYES*

Y’all know I tout Apricot Oil all day every day. It’s lighter weight, anti-inflammatory, soooo gentle and pure. I just love this stuff. I also use it to take off my makeup.

I recommend this one to start off with because it’s great for overall skin health and the texture is a lighter weight- so easier to manage. See below:

This brand/make has been my favorite for years now.


This shiz turns back the hands of time, chemically lol. I have also said I’m into natural stuff with a side of super science! Haha I just want what works! This stuff is a big time exfoliant. Effective. Very effective. For scarring, acne, softening fine lines, fading spots, lifting dead skin. It’s amazing. BUT. And this is a very important BUT— you *MUST* be on top of your SPF game when you use this product as it makes you VERY SENSITIVE to sun.

I use it religiously 1-3X a week depending on life circumstances. And have for the past 8 years. It’s incredible. I use a prescription strength which yields results as much as 20X faster than over the counter– but OTC is still effective! It’s worth it. In my opinion! Some people think their skin is too sensitive for it, so trying OTC first might be a smart thing to do!

An article I love on Retinols/Retin-A is from this girl. She’s a cruelty-free skincare blogger. Breaks it down so beautifully and easy to read! This is my product I get from my Dermatologist (She’s in Redlands where my Grandpa lives.) Currently looking over an OTC product that I can fall in love with and then share with you guys!


I get it- oils are more difficult to wear during the day. Sometimes a lotion consistency is just easier. So if you’re not going to wear a serum or oil during the day, minimum is putting on a layer of moisturizer on before! And why just get a skin softening moisturizer when you can get one with potent benefits in it too? I’m all about the “but what ELSE does it offer?” lol.

My lotions have to have ZERO retinol in them (so I can wear it during the day) and be soothing AND have a potent active ingredient. I either wear it under makeup or I put a layer on over my oils at night… just to really seal it in!

One that I’ve been on and off with for the last 2 years (I switch up my products 1-3X a year) is a calcium rich moisturizer called CURA. (Love them. I wrote a whole article on them once!) I love it because I believe in Calcium for skincare rejuvenation and this consistency just sits so wonderfully on my skin. It absorbs SO fast and has no scent really. It’s easy and useful and I like knowing that it’s powerful too!

So I would say that is a good start. A little “VF product starter pack” kinda thing. 😉 Hope this was useful for you! Always here to answer any Qs!

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    Just curious if you have found any OTC rentinol/retin-a products that work well? I’ve been using Green Cream level 3 from Dermstore for a little bit but I’m not sure if I see a difference? Although maybe the point isn’t to see a change at all? Haha

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    Great! How you labelled your favorites as “your ride of dies” made me smile. Have vitamin A in oils….I’ll have to take note of this. I am ingredient conscious. I check on products that are a powerhouse as you would describe it. I think apricot oil will suit my needs.

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    Lisa Hill

    These all are amazing products to pamper skin. I have used apricot oil and it is very effective for oil skin. It makes the skin soft and smooth.


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