It’s been a running joke on Violet Fog for the last few years now that yes I workout, but I hate it.

I mean, Violet’s… wouldn’t you say nearly any post I had about working out had a tone of “I freaking hate this” attached to it? Haha, it’s true! But I workout because I need to if I want to stay happy and feeling good.

Reformer pilates was one of the first “class” workouts I had ever tried seven years ago in San Diego. I remember buying a 10 class package because a girl had came into my work and had an insane body. She told me she had just had a baby in the past year, normally had a  slow metabolism and she got fit QUICK with reformer pilates. SOLLLLLLLD biotch. Sold. (And yes- Core40 is the best reformer pilates studios to date that I’ve ever experienced.)

I remember after TWO classes thinking that my body looked slightly more cut. I noticed a certain tightness. A certain lightness. A certain brightness— just kidding, I wanted to keep the rhyme going. But no, I felt something! And ask any reformer pilates enthusiast- they will most likely tell you they got hooked because they could see little changes almost right away.

Core40 San Francisco 3

And after 10 classes- Holy shizballs. I saw lines in places I hadn’t seen before. My lower stomach more taught. My arms- MUCH stronger. But lean.

As someone who likes to rotate different kinds of workouts- to this day, reformer pilates is ALWAYS my go to when I need to lean out quick and tone baby tone. I was SO excited to work with Core40. (They have 6 locations in San Francisco, btw.)

My friend Jen credits her incredible wedding body to reformer pilates. She says it is the one workout she could stick to. The one workout that gave her the “lean tone” she wanted. Reformer pilates stretches you, it twists you in ways where you didn’t even know muscles were working. And it’s actually pretty fun- mainly because it is so different. It’s also easy on the joints! I *hate* high impact workouts. I think it’s bad for your joints and can age you quicker- personal opinion. Reformer pilates is gentle. And I swear to G- it really one takes one class to get a hang of.

One other reason I love it: No one is looking at your while you’re doing it. Trust me. Everyone is in the zone doing their own thing on their machine. Don’t worry about looking like an idiot your first time- you won’t!

Core40 San Francisco 4

Core40 is BY FAR the best studio I have ever practiced reformer pilates at. It has lagree- which means the machine can go up and down, making it a tougher workout and THUS you don’t have to be there as long! 40 minute workout? PRAISE GOD. That is doable. That wins me over. That makes me happy. Efficient as heck.

Core40 San Francisco 2

Sidenote- y’all might think this is getting WAY to deep and weird, but I feel there was a reason that the workouts I had been doing before my near-fatal car accident was reformer pilates. I was able to walk away from it and all the police there kept saying I was lucky my body was so strong when it happened. How it got rocked. The thing with pilates is it doesn’t just make you strong, but it stretches you out too. I think how easily my muscles could have snapped from the way I was thrashed around. But I didn’t. I had a strong neck and body and… I just don’t believe in coincidences. I think there was a reason I was 3 months deep in pilates classes! Had to throw that in there as you know I like to make everything personal on Violet Fog.

Core40 San Francisco 1

BTW- my all time favorite instructor there was MELODY! Please take a class with her if you can. She is so talented. Creates a really welcoming environment and her workouts are just so so good. She teaches at Hayes Valley and SoMa but her main location is Nob Hill and she’s there Tuesdays-Fridays!

Core40 San Francisco 5

Would love to leave you with a couple questions I asked the owner, Madison. She is so wonderful!

Katey: Hi Madison! I want to ask you some questions that VFers might be interested in knowing when they consider Core40. What would you say the general “vibe” of CORE40 is? Personally, I find it both zen and energizing.

Madison: Our vibe is approachable and energizing. We believe in creating a space where ALL fitness levels feel as though they belong.

Katey: What kind of athletic ability does someone need to try a CORE40 class. Is there anyone this class is *not* suited for?

Madison: Our classes are for all fitness levels, though we do recommend newbies take a Foundation class first to get the rundown on the equipment.

Katey: Tell us a few things you’ve done to make a CORE40 exercise so unique. The heart behind it- factors that separate it from other Pilates based studios, like in incorporating Lagree, etc.

Madison: People come for the intense workout and stay for the community. In terms of the method, it’s unique because you work over 600 muscles in a single 40-minute class (for an efficient workout, you don’t need more time, you just need more intensity), but with little to no impact on your joints, which is unlike many intense, yet high impact, workouts in the industry. As for the community, we have clients come in from every walk of life, and it’s a beautiful thing to see these relationships form among instructors and clients — transformation and relationships are the reasons we do what we do.

Make sure to follow them on IG for promos! Super easy handle- @Core40
Check out there site here!

I would love for y’all to try a class- I just KNOW you’d love it!

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