**Oldie but goodie and still totally relevant 🙂

Freaking Barry’s Bootcamp man. W.T.F.

I love you but I hate you.

Pretty much I’m DYING after every class. My abs are sore, I’m dripping sweat, thinking about Bob’s donuts, …hating that I have to wash my hair when I get home. Haha.

Barry’s seriously pushes me to my limits each time but I LOVE IT.

Why? Because I love classes where the instructor pushes me to be better, stronger and faster. I mean shit, I want results!! Especially with all the food I consume on a daily basis… I’d be a thousand pounds if I didn’t have a good workout sesh.

Katey on the other hand… she loves the barre/pilates/can-be-easy-if-you-want-them-to-be kind of classes. You know? The classes where sometimes you barely break a sweat (sorry barre lovers!), and where the instructors leave you alone (she HATES it when instructors give her special attention).

So basically what I did was… sign her up to try Barry’s Bootcamp with me… because  I thought it’d be kind of funny to see how she handled it LOL.

Barry's BootCamp

For the record… Katey was hating me, cursing me in her head out loud, and complaining the entire night before and car ride there. “I just don’t get why I have to go with you” kind of thing. 😛  But what ended up happening? She loved it. Especially when she realized she just had the best work out of her life (Exaggerating? No. Not at all).

Katey here. Fine I’ll admit I hate working out. I exercise every week but Barry’s just intimidated me… I pictured an atmosphere and workout similar to Cross Fit… nothing wrong with it but that’s just not my steeze. But with Barry’s, it was a pleasant thing to be wrong about because it is FUN as hell and no one is zoning in on you throughout your workout. (Which is what I feared.) It’s SO motivational too. Never before had I enjoyed the treadmill or that kind of intense workout until Barry’s. I’m not kidding. The instructor was dope, the music pumped me up… I left feeling really, really good about myself. Back to you (evil) Cyn!…

SO why am I in love with Barry’s Bootcamp? Well… (and btw, they aren’t paying us to say any of this… I just really really love the classes!)

Barrys BootCamp SF-3First off- they play the sickest jams. The class is filled with hip-hop, rap, and mildly inappropriate tunes that PUMP you up. The lights are low, and it feels like I’m in a club with music blaring and the main DJ just came on.

Second- I love the set up of the class. Half the class goes on the treadmill, and the other half does floor work. Everything is in 15-minute intervals, switching off from tredmill to floor and vice-versa. Mentally, it’s exciting and fun.

BTW- running on the treadmill? I DREAD it… it gives me anxiety and is as interesting as watching paint dry. But I’m essentially only running for 15 minutes total, each time.

Basically.. Barry’s makes running SOOOOO MUCH MORE FUN! (<–and I never thought I’d say that).

Third- I love the people and trainers. Everyone is so uplifting and motivational, and you can tell there’s a strong sense of community here. If it’s your first time, they make sure you are comfortable and feel welcomed.

Lastly- They PUSH you to your limits. Oh boy, do they push you to be the best you can be. If you want fast results and are willing to put in work, Barry’s dude… Barry’s. That’s all I gotta say.

This was legit taken RIGHT after our workout… so hard … LMAO look at our faces! Can’t make this stuff up people.

Barrys BootCamp SF-1

Our trainer Paul was freaking awesome. Boy, did he motivate us!

Oh and on a total side note, their acai smoothies with protein powder are SO BOMB. I usually make my own at home, but I can never get it tasting this good!

So have any of you guys tried Barry’s Bootcamp? What was your experience like? They have two locations in SF (SOMA & Marina) and we’re giving away free classes for you AND a friend.

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3 winners will be chosen on Saturday, Jan. 30th and will be announced HERE in this post!

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