Hot damn folks… another day, another “superfood.”
And it’s Turmeric. Specifically… turmeric used as the main ingredient for a special concoction called “Golden Milk.”

We’ve seen articles floating around on Facebook. Repinned all over Pinterest. Seriously, everyone and their Mom’s are talking about the numerous health benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk.

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We learned our favorite San Francisco tea bar, Samovar Tea (Mission location, 411 Valencia St.), makes their own version fresh and on the spot daily. Golden milk is such a “thing” right now… so clearly we were going to check that shit out! (Samovar Tea Bar is sooo cute by the way!)

So what were our specific questions regarding Golden Milk?
1. What does it taste like?
2. Is there a certain way to serve it to reap the full benefits?
3. What legit studies have been done regarding Turmeric and what are they?

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After trying the Golden Milk at Samovar Tea Bar and OH YES, it’s BOMB– we scheduled time with Samovar’s Founder, Jesse Jacobs, to really pick his brain on tea while spending a good amount of time zeroing in on Golden Milk. He’s opened three Samovar locations and is transforming the tea culture in San Francisco. <— Seriously.  His passion and adeptness on TEA is just… insane.

So from his expert knowledge and our further research, we walked away with some new insight regarding the benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk. We’ll list them out for ya.

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Samovar’s Golden Milk recipe (they call it their Turmeric Gold Latte) uses either whole or almond milk, turmeric, ginger, organic honey, orange blossom water, and nutmeg. Their goal is to achieve an ideal balance of earthy, sweet, creamy, floral and spicy- all in one sip. 

1. What does it taste like?
Milky. Soft. Full bodied yet light. Faintly sweet. Kind of nutty. A touch spicy. Ohhhh yes. Freaking SO GOOD. It’s a perfect alternative to chai lattes, coffee, or hot chocolate. (We could drink this ish all day long, no lie.)

Says Jesse: “What a lot of people don’t know is that good turmeric tastes great even by itself. Much of the turmeric on the market today is used as a flavoring for cooking and it’s mixed with a lot of other things- often not of good quality. That kind of bad turmeric by itself would taste more muddy or dirty. But good, FRESH turmeric should have a sweet, earthy profile and almost a little bit of citrus quality to it. And when blended with ginger it creates a really nice balance.”

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2. Is there a certain way to serve it to reap the full benefits?
“What’s old is new again. Everyone is looking for the newest superfood and turmeric is currently trending because of it’s benefits.  Turmeric is actually one of the wholly ancient medicinals… it’s been known as a super antioxidant for centuries. Just like green tea, just like ginger… I think people are looking for more ways to have natural energy and health benefits. And you can benefit from the nutrients by making it a daily ritual and drinking it throughout the entire day if you wanted.”

And if you make it at home (this is a good recipe!) then reaping the full benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk means using FRESH, good quality turmeric. The good stuff is not going to come out of a spice jar, sorry. What’s further, if you make a batch of it– only make enough for maybe a few days. Some people say they make a batch for the whole week… no… the do-good properties will not be as potent- so keep it fresh! Serve it iced or cold. There’s no caffeine so you can even have it at nighttime.

“Fresher is better. Brew enough for a sitting, three days is pushing it… it’s like coffee. You wouldn’t brew a batch of coffee for the entire week.”

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3. What LEGIT studies have been done regarding Turmeric and what are they?
– The biggest thing we read is that it’s a wonderful anti-inflammatory.
– Curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) has been studied to show it’s beneficial for preventing and treating bowel diseases. [Source]
– Turmeric has been shown to be beneficial for certain liver and blood disorders. (And is good for the liver and blood system in general.) [Source]
There are studies (and certain celebs– wah wah) claiming it aids in restoring and encouraging good skin– especially help with acne.
– Recent studies show improvement for brain health and preventing Alzheimer’s. [Source]
– There’s even studies that’s been done on its benefits for maintaining optimum oral health. [Source]

Of course- there are a lot of claims out there, but those are actual studies that we could find!

Point blank guys, in our opinion the benefits of turmeric golden milk and just the deliciousness of the drink itself completely live up to the hype. (But do your own research!)

And definitely, definitely try the Turmeric golden latte at Samovar Tea Bar. (Their food and tea is soooo good… and pretty! Proof is in the Instagram lol.) Benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk-11 Benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk-10  Benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk-7  Benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk-3


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    Karma Bennett

    This sounds amazing; I’ll make a point of stopping by here next time I’m in the Mission.

    I learned about Turmeric’s anti-alzheimer’s properties when I visited a spice shop in India last year. Bought some for my grandmother, now I wish I’d bought some for me too. I’d like to try this recipe, but first to hit Samovar so I know how it tastes when it’s made right.

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Samovar’s is DELCIOUS. Like, you will want another the second you are done with your first lol. And yes we found the research on Turmeric regarding alzheimer’s super interesting as well. Fascinating you learned about it yourself from word of mouth IN India! Thanks for sharing Karma!

  2. Avatar

    Curious what kind of turmeric is being used in the photos– looks like little dried chunks? Would love to know what they use and where they get it. I’ve only used dried and most of the recipes I’ve seen (including the one linked here) do, too. Since dried/ground would be more concentrated, how much should be used of fresh grated?


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