We had a reader ask how we “drape” our scarves and we failed miserably at trying to describe it in the comment section. So we decided to break it down step by step for you guys! We have photos but -even better– (and way cooler!) we FYUSED the actual steps so you guys can see!…. P.S yet another reason to get on Fyuse y’all! Our user name is TheVioletFog— make sure to find us! This app is super fun.

This is one of the coziest ways to drape a scarf and makes it so that the scarf doesn’t hang down too long AND you don’t even have to wrap it a million times!

The Perfect Blanket Scarf Drape:

Step One: Unfold your scarf completely in front of you.

blanket scarf 3


Step Two: Drape it flat over your chest and over your shoulders

blanket scarf 4


Step Three: Criss cross it once behind you, it should feel kind of tight around your neck. (You can loosen it later.)

blanket scarf 5


Step Four: Those two ends? You are simply going to let them fall in front

blanket scarf1

Step Five: Let them hang in front. Loosen your neck a bit if you need too!

blanket scarf

VOILA!! That’s all there is to it!

blanket scarf2
P.S… this also works on lighter weight scarves! See below 🙂


Any other tutorials you guys would like to see? Just drop us a line and we’ll make it happen! xx