Mitsu Teahouse


Have you guys ever seen anything like it?? (… crickets…)

Yah me neither.

It’s a massive cloud of cotton candy on top of boba tea!

PS: side effects include having fun, getting sugar high and being silly.

Check it out here:

Mitsu Teahouse, is a brand new spot in Japantown that just opened at the end of January 2015.

And lemme tell yah… there’s major food porn going on here- especially with my fellow Asians.

They even have a sign that tells you to try the drink first BEFORE posting your pictures on instagram. Lol. The struggle.

But anyways, Mitsu Teahouse is opened by three guys (James, Peter, and Aqua) who graduated from the University of San Francisco with a mission to bring unique & fun desserts to SF.

“We tried 1,000 cups of boba tea from the date we began to start this business- to the date before we opened. We almost tried all the boba drinks in the Bay Area. Even when we visited China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, we were on the search for the best local boba tea places. For our drinks today, we insist on using fresh tea leaves to brew each cup of tea.” – Aqua

You can get your drinks with or without the cotton candy (<- – not sure who would), unless your allergic to fun & sugar highs.

Mitsu Teahouse 1

Not only do they have these tasty drinks, they also offer “Mitsu Snow,” a milk-based Taiwanese-style shaved ice that doesn’t have the crunchy texture of shaved iced.

Mitsu Teahouse 2

“The texture is much softer. It’s like a cross between ice-cream, froyo, and shaved ice.” – Aqua

Guys. It’s hard to explain… but just trust me. It’s one of my favorite desserts ever! They even have different toppings, but my favorite one is the popping bobas (<– it’s like an party/explosion in your mouth).

The pic above is the Mitsu Snow- Strawberry Shortcake. There’s CAKE inside!! I die.

Mitsu Teahouse 3

Mitsu Teahouse 6

Once you get your drinks, take a picture and post it on their wall! This place is perfect for a fun dessert spot with friends. We came with two guys on the VF team, videographer Cyrus Tolentino and photographer Daniel Fabia, and Katey and I took a picture and signed with our snapchat names. 🙂

Much love to them for putting up with me during our video shoot lol.

Mitsu Teahouse 4



Location: 22 Peace Plaza, Suite 440, San Francisco, CA 94115/ (415) 985-4545

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