***Update: I have since become the “Sometimes Late” Girl 😉

I’m perpetually the “5-15 minutes late” girl. And I kinda hate myself for it. I value people and their time tremendously. Time is the greatest gift you can give someone right? I mean, I believe that! But half the time I’m late getting to wherever I gotta go and I feel like an awful person because of it. I try to justify myself…

I make a point to give myself extra time but somehow in my spacey head I always get distracted. My friends know a very typical scenario: We’re all getting ready in my room and every 10 minutes I’ll be like, “Guys I gotta show you this one song!” or “I think I’m going to fold all my clothes real quick” or “I didn’t foam roll today! I’m going to foam roll.” LOL just random shit like that. Distractions, distractions! Everywhere! And my friends are constantly like, “Katey, FOCUS.”

They also know my 10 minutes is different from their 10 minutes. (Note the time stamps on these texts)


And they can count on an (honest!) excuse every time…


SO YES. I’m always late. I’m NOT okay with it and it’s become one of my goals to get a grip on the issue before something really awful happens because of it- like I miss a flight, or I don’t get hired somewhere because I didn’t arrive on time, or I show up late to a friend’s birthday and she just yells “LATE AGAIN?!! YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT FOR MY BDAY?… YOU TO BE ON TIME FOR ONCE!” in front of like, 100 people. That was a real dream once. Scurrrrd me!

Here comes the good part though. I recently read an article in Elle magazine that had a profound twist on the way I view my constant lateness. The writer is Sarah Elizabeth Richards, and she has A.D.D just like me. It was called“Blame It On: The Traffic. The Boss. Yourself.”

It was as entertaining as it was intelligent and honest. I loved her for writing it.

In short, the article was all about a study on how A.D.D people are neurologically wired differently than non-A.D.Ders in the executive part of the brain, which is responsible for TIME MANAGEMENT. A.D.D peeps are straight up compromised in this area, y’all!

So here’s what I learned I can do.

First, I gotta accept some ish about myself. The way I’m wired probably isn’t going to change much. I need to understand it, and then outsmart it.

By nature, I can be a very head-in-the-clouds, day-dreamy kind of person. Very much the “creative type” on steroids. My brain never just has ONE tab open.

And I’m always in a rush, mostly from thinking I had more time to spare than I really did.

There is a quote from this article that rang so true with me.

The author interviewed Diana DeLonzor, who wrote “Never Be Late Again.” DeLonzor took the first step to overcoming her constant tardiness by “realizing she was a ‘thrill seeker’ who got a kick out of the finish line.”

 “I didn’t relate to calmly walking down the street with a muffin and a cup of coffee. It felt natural running with my hair flying everywhere.” 

I mean… I think this woman is another spirit animal of mine.

Okay so what to do with all this?

Well, the article also mentioned how the A.D.D homies need to relearn to tell time. Say whattttttt?

No, no.. I get it. It said if we clock ourselves during our usual routines, we’ll probably come to find that what we thought only took us 30 minutes, really takes us 45. So study yo patterns… check.

It also said to stop multitasking. And to give yourself blocks of time to “zone out or thrill seek” instead of leading out your entire day like that. But okay, what even IS this “work on one thing at a time” concept they speak of? J/K… I’ll try it out.

And finally, “…wear an actual wristwatch… you don’t want to always rely on your phone. It takes time to pull it out… and then you’re easily distracted by texts.” That’s true. But wrist watch? Psh only if it goes with my outfit that day!

So wish me luck y’all! I’ll never be one of those 5 minutes early kinda girls, but an on-time-every-time girl would be great. A.D.D be damned!

Make sure to check out the article if you want to read the full thing or want to send it over to another chronically late person!

What tips do you guys have for keeping on track of time? And are you the always late girl, the always on time girl, or the always early girl?

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    Oh my gosh! That article is entirely me! Every last bit of it! I had previously thought about why it was happening and figured I just absorbed tasks when I shouldn’t have, too much multitasking or didn’t want to leave something undone…simply couldn’t manage my time effectively. I tried to ask myself why am I doing this yet I simply didn’t know why every effort I made to correct it didn’t work. I’m a certified behavioral coach and yet I never actually dug down to the feeling behind my behavior, the actual why. All of this makes sense and feels like me. I’ll give it a go as I hate this terrible behavior of mine. Great reminder to also use my behavioral coaching on myself! Thank you for the helpful read!

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Jennifer I appreciate you commenting as it made me re-read that article and revisit the behavior I’ve always needed to continously work on!! Here’s to us being on time!!

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    Thank you so much for writing this. I am definitely one of those people.

    I am about to get into this article in a few minutes.

    After that, I am on my way to find a stylish digital watch. All the watches I’m used to seeing have the regular type of pecans little ham approach. I think by having a digital watch this will keep me from having to remember to fall back or spring forward during those daylight saving times parts of the year. It seems like a small thing, but when you are easily distracted, small tasks like that get put on the back burner for months. And then it’s like you don’t have a watch again. ALL THE WATCHES I’M USED TO SEEING HAVE THE REGULAR TYPE OF BIG HAND LITTLE HAND APPROACH. I THINK BY HAVING A DIGITAL WATCH THIS WILL KEEP ME FROM HAVING TO REMEMBER TO FALL BACK OR SPRING FORWARD DURING THOSE DAYLIGHT SAVING TIMES PARTS OF THE YEAR. IT SEEMS LIKE A SMALL THING, BUT WHEN YOU ARE EASILY DISTRACTED, SMALL TASKS LIKE THAT GET PUT ON THE BACK BURNER FOR MONTHS. AND THEN IT’S LIKE YOU DON’T HAVE A WATCH AGAIN. LOL

    I’ll let you know what I find!

    • Violet Fog
      Violet Fog

      Hi Chlo! I think a digital watch will definitely help!! I myself could use a watch just in general! Good luck on the hunt and thank you for reading! xx Katey


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