In mid-end 2016, I went through some hard, hard times. I was stressed to the brink of wanting to break down and in the midst of all that- I LOST A LOT OF HAIR.

Don’t worry, things are all good now! But strictly hair talk- man did that suck losing so much. Not like I have this insanely gorgeous mane on the reg but I do take pride in my hair. I like it long and messy and full.


My hair was thinning so much that Michelle even suggested we cut my hair much shorter back in August to disguise it. I was heartbroken but had to do it! She at least gave me some confidence in my hair to work with what I had. (Post here with the shorter hair, she did a phenomenal job, my Mildred!) But still, I REALLY wanted my fullness and length back. I was bummed. Who wouldn’t be?!

Look at this pic, my hairline was receding! I remember one day driving with my Mom, me in the passenger seat, pulling down the mirror. I was like, “MOM MY FOREHEAD LOOKS BIGGER THAN IT EVER HAS!!!” And she called me crazy (lol) but it was true! Even some of my girlfriends agreed with me. And yes I had to do one of those, “I know what my hair looks like so if you tell me it’s the exact same I won’t trust you anymore! LOL”… I had to have someone else to confirm it so I didn’t think I was seeing things or overreacting for nothing. (And yes I probably overreacted, I know it’s “just hair”.)

So cut to October/November-ish. I’m with some girlfriends from back home, we are at this restaurant and one of our friends (with gorgeous long hair) tells us about this hair vitamin she’s been taking for the last 6 months. She had seen a HUGE difference. She sold us SO HARD that we legit -as a group- walked over to Whole Foods after dinner and each purchased a bottle.

It’s by Country Life and it’s called “Maxi Hair Plus.”  Not even using affiliate links- just want to share what has worked for me! That link goes to Amazon. 🙂 

So long story short, it’s been a year now since using it and my hair is back to normal. I’m so damn happy about it!! I’ve been vocal about this on Instagram Stories and many of you have went out and got the bottle yourself and told me it’s been working for you as well! EXCELLLLLLLENT. Makes me so smile so hard. Everyone wants to feel good!

My fabulous friend Joey loved these and he is a TOUGH JUDGE of what works and what doesn’t. We are both ingredient snobs! Within 2 months I could swear that my baby hairs were poppin’ like crazy.

My review of Country Life Maxi Hair Plus is this, why I like it:

1. It has EXTRA biotin. Many bottles offer 2,500 mg of Biotin, this one is double! Granted, that means taking 4 pills a day. But some people take less (like 2 pills a day) and see a difference!

2. I don’t break out on it because it has so much vitamin B in it. Sometimes people can break out a little when they take biotin- and usually a way to stop this is to take extra vitamin B. This already has LOADS of vitamin B in it.

3. It has lots of other vitamins in it too, A, C, E… Folic Acid, zinc… it’s wonderful.

4. As long as I drink a normal amount of water, it doesn’t upset my stomach. It DOES make your pee bright yellow though.

5. It has really, really worked for me. My hair is as full, if not MORE full, a year later. My hair grows long FAST too. Who cares if you have to wait some time to see real results? Time is going to pass anyway! My also nails grow at a super speed which is nice.

Get it here on AMAZON! Like I said, not even an affiliate link!

P.S: I think there are a lot of “hair skin and nails” vitamins that make a difference. This is just the one I’ve stuck with and loved!

Happy hair days. 😉

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      Violet Fog

      You can taste it?! I guess I just shoot it down so fast I don’t notice as much! I can tell it wouldn’t be the best though!! Do you keep using it anyway or no? -Katey


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