I used to go out ALL the time for work when I lived in San Diego.

These days… once, maybe twice a week!

But I do love a good night out. Or a chic night in.

I love an occasion to get ready for.

I do love EASY with makeup though. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun with it!

I love a new look just like the next girl. I think we all just have our personal “themes” you know? Of what we like. Mine would be… glowy. Simple. Classic. Every now and then I take a risk, but mostly I stick to what I like on any given day. For me, I choose glow over matte. However, I do sometimes like matte for eyeshadow.

Some people don’t like that look- all shimmery and shiz. My Mom tells I’m too shiny all the time lol. I love a glow though, can’t help it!

The downsides though- staying power. Matte = stays longer. Also it can get heavy QUICK as layering so many products on your face can become counter intuitive. You gotta be methodical to get it right.

So with ALL THAT BACK STORY, here are some products along with little tips of what I have been liking and WHY so far. At the end of the day, I just want what works. 

One thing ALL of these products have in common is that they are cruelty free. I’m making the decision to go completely cruelty free with makeup in 2018! It’ll be hard to do and I’ll be realistic with my switch over but it’s something I feel is COMPLETELY doable and also gives some of these smaller brands with KILLER PRODUCT a time to shine. Feed the people not the man you know? 😉

Everything I’m showcasing I’ve been rocking on my nights out lately. I had so much fun getting ready with my girl Purvi for her work holiday party!


cruelty free makeup
Antonym Liquid Foundation Skin Esteem. This brand is also vegan, soy-free, gluten-free. Impressive ingredients like hyaluronic acid (helps you maintain more moisture) and shea butter. It is buildable- medium to (~almost) full coverage depending on your skin. It is so beautiful on the skin! Feels incredibly silky. I love pairing it with a mattifying setting spray on top to up the staying power.

CoverFX Mattifying Spray. I bought this because I was so PLEASANTLY SURPRISED with this brand. I thought CoverFX was stage makeup mostly- in my mind I thought very thick and labby (artificial ingredients) but NO I was SO SO wrong. This brand is truly incredible. From their site: “Not only are our products high-quality, they are also vegan and cruelty-free. We steer clear of the Inflammatory 5: parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc. Instead, we pack our products with vitamins, emollients and redness reducers.” So this particular product is like makeup insurance. Especially for the girl who wears a lot of oils (or has oily skin) and needs to not have her makeup slide off her face in less than 4 hours on a night out! Very effective. Things stay in PLACE girl.

CoverFx Custom Enhancement Drops. This highlighter is so soft and elegant! I like the color “blossom” and after I use it as highlighter, what is left on my beauty blender- I use it as a light blush! The pink hue is iridescent and subtlety noticeable. I also dabbed some drops onto my beauty blender and pressed it all over my collar bone and the tops of my shoulders. It just adds this extra sheen of light that is SO pretty! They have other gorgeous colors as well.

La Bella Donna Advanced Mineral Erase Concealer. Don’t sleep on this brand! Their products are so silky- even the matte ones! This concealer glides on SO EASY (I hate a concealer that “pulls”) and the coverage is great!

La Bella Donna Compressed Mineral Foundation (as bronzer). Holy ballz do I love this “foundation powder”… I use it as bronzer. Favorite shade = amber. It is so dang buttery and is this matte/SLIGHT glow hybrid I just love it. Especially for a night out when my highlighter is at WORK and I’m taking photos and I don’t want an OVERLY shiny face– but still a glowy one. You know?

Tell me your favorite cruelty free brands! LOVE YOU GUYS.

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