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So DAY OF. Awwww yes. The day we got engaged! I hope I remember it from start to finish for the rest of my life.

So we woke up in San Francisco and our agenda was: Work out, get ready, business meetings, go to Chinatown and get bomb food, walk around the wharf and go see the pretty views of the golden gate.  BTW… we have done this exact itinerary in SF before. After all of this, we were going to meet up with my best friend Michelle and her fiance Drew.

I’m very lucky how this day panned out. When Dan proposed to me, I was looking so cute and dressed up! Hair did, makeup, nicely dressed. I mean sure I always like to go the extra mile when I’m on vacay and doll it up but I felt like I had taken it an extra step further this day.

I mean of course I wanted to look presentable for my meeting. But also– if you were to know Michelle and Drew, you would know they are the definition of swagger and steeze when it comes to fashion. Dan and I always scroll their Instagrams like, “Damn- how are they so cool?” LOL so we always like to dress up extra when we are with them. Plus Michelle and I love to get photos together. So Dan and I were looking fly day of the engagement. If I do say so myself!

Side note- writing this is making me miss the fashion life. I worked in fashion for 5 years!!! 2011-2016! That’s a story for another time.

Okay so we had our meetings, ate bomb ass Chinese food, went walking….. nothing seemed weird. Dan didn’t seem quiet or in his head. He was spending a little more time on his phone but it was fantasy football season so that wasn’t out of the blue for me. He was constantly checking that and rousing up his buddies. The day was just a great day in SF- we were enjoying our time.

So our walk was going to have us eventually end up in the Marina, where we were going to meet Michelle and Drew. We like this exact walk because it takes us through this one spot where Dan and I spent some time when we were first falling in love. It is at the top of this hill that looks over Fort Mason and the golden gate bridge. It’s a really special spot for me. It reminds me of him and also it’s a place where my Grandparent’s loved to go when they would visit SF in their younger years. So we always visit that spot.

We get there and Dan goes, “Let’s stop for a moment and enjoy the view.” Nothing out of the ordinary… just a romantic moment.

He continues with, “Do you know why we came to SF?”…. I’m thinking, uh yeah, to get away. To see friends. Work. Yada yada. lol. Just didn’t see it coming, you know?! 

The next thing I know, he is down on one knee. WTF!??! My jaw dropped. Time stood still. Everything around me was blurry but him. No other words, just simply…. “Katey, will you marry me?”

I immediately said YES! Of course YES! Rainbows and sunshine practically shooting out of my ass at this moment I’m so damn happy.

We both cried (seeing Dan shed some tears melted my heart) and hugged our tightest hug to date. Pure bliss. After 90 seconds or so, I hear the shuttering of a camera. And it’s Katie! Who I have worked with before on VF content. (See her work here– OMG. She’s the best.)

At this moment, I’m still a little bit in shock, like “What the hell is going on!!!!!”

Dan is so sneaky!!! He planned this whole thing! It’s funny too because in uber to our hotel from the airport the day prior I kept saying we should change up our plans for where we go the next day. Like, “We’ve done Chinatown a few times! Let’s go to the sunset!” He was like, “No babe…. I’ve really been looking forward to the day we had planned.” Can you imagine if I was a brat and derailed it!?

So we take photos and let me tell you- we are just elated. Katie did such a phenomenal job. I love her style of work. 

After we said goodbye to Katie (probably 20-30 minutes worth of photos, which is cool because not only was it captured but BOOM we now had our engagement photos done haha) so we say goodbye and we instantly we were like- TIME TO PARTY. (And if you know Dan and me, we don’t party haha. I mean, rarely!)

I am not a drinker but I was like man, if there ever is an occasion!!! This is it!!

But before we celebrated, and this makes me laugh, of course there was a sports game on and we passed this bar with all these TVs and Dan was like, “Do you mind if we watch this for a sec?” lol! Nothing changes! So I took the next 10 minutes to text friends and family and tell them the news! I started most texts with just a cell phone photo of Dan and I flashing the ring and making silly faces.

What is SO CUTE is Dan had had this planned for a long time. He had asked my Dad if he could marry me (SO SWEET) and what’s really cool is that part of my ring was my Grandmother’s ring that she left for my family. Every time I look down at it I also think of her, and that’s so significant to me. She was one of my best friends. Part of the ring was the starting point, and Dan added to it. I love that it has a vintage aspect to it. Very me!

So then we went and met Michelle and Drew and we had thee most fun night together! After they went home, Dan and I stayed out for another round of drinks. We were soooo smiley and happy that night. One of the most fun nights we’ve ever had together. By far.


So dang, that was magical. But truth be told, getting engaged doesn’t suddenly make your relationship bulletproof. The things you fought about before, will often still be there. (Unless the fight is when are we going to get engaged? Which wasn’t the case for us.) But all those dumb (and serious) fights we had before engagement? We still have them.

Getting engaged is magical and does mean something, but it doesn’t fix everything that was “wrong” before.

Since being engaged, we’re both more secure and confident in our relationship than ever before… and that’s really nice. HOWEVER, our fights, when we have them, are now a little more intense. Our theory is that we’re now like,  “Dang, this shiz is real since we’re getting married!! I really can’t let you get away with XYZ because I don’t want to sign onto this behavior for life!” kind of thing.  And yes, we both have things about each other that we’re not stoked about dealing with it for life. Dan can be a control freak, and a real hardo, am I excited for that? Hell no! And I can be overly sensitive and my temper can go from 0 to 60 real quick. Is Dan excited for that? NO! But mass majority of each other’s souls, we LOVE. It’s exactly what we want! No one is perfect. If we searched for perfect we’d be forever searching.

We’re also quite lucky we have such a quick rebound rate. We’re both intense people in our own ways. When we fight, it gets heated. But we forgive and move on just as fast. We’re just an intense couple you know? In a way it makes it kind of fun for us! Never a boring day.

On the REALEST note I could possibly speak: Dan is the best person to ever come into my life. He loves me so deeply. Treats me so well. Encourages me. Protects me. Loves my family. I don’t know what I would do without him. I really don’t. 

I can’t wait to call him my Husband soon.  (Next year, 2021, May 1st… in Austin!) <3

From heartbreaks, to getting over people, to dating in SF, to moving for love, to strict relationship opinions, to engagement… thank y’all for reading my work on love. It’s still one of my favorite things to write about because LOVE is THEE greatest thing in the world. Celebrate it and never let it grow cold on you. <3