I want to talk about stress. But not in a generic sense.

I mean, we never do “generic” on VF but just wanted to set the tone. Let’s get situational. Situational stress.

This post is sponsored by my FAVORITE: OLLY vitamins. And I have spent quite some time researching the shiz out of what I’m about to cover and then—crafted something for you guys that has actionable items in it.

I get personal and weird with my opinions- you know this. My “practices” are always a little out of the box, I know this!


I don’t have to tell you how terrible stress is for you. You know this. You hear it all the time. Stress impacts your health both mentally and physically on a VERY serious level.

If stress is big in your life- it IS important to not just brush it off and figure “well, it’s just a part of life!” No girl- you gotta work on lowering it!

For me personally- I am extremely protective of my mental state. I have dealt with depression and anxiety for over half of my life and I’ll be damned if there is something getting in my way of contentment. Especially if I can find ways to “control” it.

My stress isn’t an overall thing- I truly aim for a low stress lifestyle. But I still feel it at times. Very specific times.

Typically stress happens when I am:
1. Rushed or overbooked. Or have had too much continuous people time. 😉  #Introvert
2. At night when I’m worried or over-stimulated by thoughts of the coming day.
3. When I’m having to learn something new. I love to learn and yet if it doesn’t come easy to me I SO QUICKY stress out. I get short. I snap. I don’t like it. lol

One thing I have been researching is the amino-acid, L-Theanine. It’s used in Japan and China (and now coming West more and more) and it’s an awesome supplement for reducing stress. Basically, it widely increases neurotransmitters in your brain.

Take it 50-200mg and it starts working in about 30 minutes. The effects are subtle but a strong support for your mental state. Every little bit helps. I find it’s always a bunch of small combined things rather than one big thing that helps get a job done.

There are studies that show L-theanine can help with reducing stress in the brain. One in particular I found interesting was a study that showed L-Theanine taken with coffee can make it “take the edge off”… like you get the benefit of coffee without the minor anxiety feeling that can come with it. You know what I’m talking about? Not necessarily the jitters- it’s more mental.

SO. OLLY does have a product for stress. Rightly titled…. STRESS. 😉 Two gummies have 50mg of L-Theanine.

Definitely brought STRESS its with me to Puerto Vallarta for my friend’s wedding. I hate flying… I took it on my flight!

So I’ve been testing out STRESS for 4 weeks now and I like to take it in two ways: either with my coffee when I’m stressed TF out orrrr at night right before a stretching session before bed. You know, on nights when I know my mind will be racing. Both are quick ways to get a healthy brain boost. Or stabilization. Also, Olly STRESS has GABA in it. This also plays a big part in neurotransmitters and helping them communicate in a more positive way with each other. People with a GABA deficiency often have stress problems. Increased GABA is always a goal!

Now. Besides supplements, here are some other things I do for stress that are random as heck but WORK. For me at least. Hopefully for you too!

Foam rolling. Release those toxins baby! Foam rolling “hurts so good” and helps detoxify the body. You know how when you are stressed your body naturally tenses? And then you get these kinks all over. Roll that shiz out!! It’s calming and after you are just like…. Ahhhhhh, yes. It helps. If you’re not going to foam roll, at least stretch. Deep breaths. That helps too.

P.S my rug isn’t dirty is has black and grey specks woven into it…. which, now that I think about it, kind of bugs me lol.

Ashwagandha. OH YES. My favorite adaptogen for the last two years. Ashwagandha has an impact on your adrenal glands and hormone levels. Too high? It helps bring our levels down. Too low? It helps bring our levels UP. Adaptogens help balance you out. When I’m stressed, often I’ll put extra ashwagandha in my tea.

I put Ashwagandha in my green tea today. It disguises it soooo well! I have a tincture form of it so it’s easy to bring with me.

Call a friend you can bitch to. Dead serious… call that friend who is going to let you vent. Not the logical one who is going to play devil’s advocate. Sometimes you just need someone to word vomit on and who empathizes with you. Like you feel a “release” after. I know of a few friends I can always call in a panic… or when I want to whine. lol. And then there are the friends who wouldn’t let me get away with those calls. So I skip them for another time. This is why we need all kinds of friends!

You don’t have to workout, but go for a 20 minute speed walk followed by a “circulation shower.” Allow me to elaborate because you are probably like “wtf is a circulation shower?” SO. First go on a legit speed walk where you start sweating a little bit. Give your brain space to roam and get your body moving and THEN come home and take a quick shower. One where you do the hot-cold-hot-cold thing for your circulation. IT HELPS. I can’t tell you why exactly this works but every time I do a speed walk sesh followed by a quick hot-cold-hot-cold shower I feel SO GOOD. Don’t knock it till you try it!

That’s it! For now. 🙂 Tell me what you guys do for stress. What do you take? Who do you talk to? What routines do you follow? I want allllllllll the info.

Get your STRESS OLLY here!

XX Katey