I watched a YouTube video the other day. I was just killing time on the bus on my way from San Francisco to Colfax.

You know when you kind of get in a rabbit hole of internet content? That happened to me. From Jimmy Fallon interviews, to travel vlogs, to… all the sudden, “Dear Lazy People.”

……I can be lazy.

I mean, not all the time but often I just wish I had more of that “oomph” to get shit done ON TIME, ALL the time. That I could just accomplish a littttle bit more. I read inspirational quotes galore. Get inspiration from watching people kick ass.

But for some reason, the advice in this video really was what I needed to hear. “Don’t trust your future self.”

Watch for yourself… let me know what you think.

I love the ASAPscience channel by the way. My nerdy heart just loves all the knowledge these guys put out week after week. I actually take notes LOL.

Anyway. What do you think about this advice?! It was my favorite “lazy” advice ever. The last two day’s I’ve kept that advice in mind and it’s actually propelled me forward. Sometimes a certain kind of “way of looking at things” is what you need.

Tis’ all! (The storm is SO BAD in Colfax that the internet is barely working! Back to San Francisco tomorrow!)

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    This is something that resonates with me too! I think I might have read it in some (motivational, haha) book, BUT this video makes this thought stuck in a head way more. Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve started to put smile describing my overall mood during the day in the notebook and noticed that on the days when I “get my sh*t done” I’m always positive and happy. And when I let myself procrastinate for a bit, then for a half of the day, and finally the whole day is gone, I feel awful. And the mood continues to decrease even the next day. I think we all want to bring value to others, even though often times we think that our ideal day is to lay on a couch and binge watch Netflix with a glass of wine :)) (I don’t mind these day from time to time, btw ;))

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    Funny that I saw this link by searching “never trust your future self” and I said: I will see this video later hahahaha finally did it half an hour after saying that. So it looks like I can do it sometimes, but I wanna change this lazy behavior. Thanks for sharing!


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