San Francisco is big on fitness.

And we have a LOT of runners. Runners, walkers, joggers…. they’re all over the place. We also have a lot of hills. Which got Sandra and I thinking…

“Do we run correctly? Do we run like idiots?” YES. Turns out, we’ve been running like idiots…

How To Run Uphill Properly
Actually, turns out a lot of people don’t know how to run properly. Especially when it comes to hills. (Ahem, San Francisco… that’s shiz we need to know!)

How to run uphill properly

We asked Rich Manaro, one of the owners of Swing Kettlebell School, (SUCH A GREAT WORKOUT) about what the proper form actually looks like and some useful tips. They are huge on proper form and believe it makes all the difference for an effective workout.

Here’s what Rich taught us!

First off… one thing we do wrong when running is staying all “bunched up” with our arms close to our sides… or you know, looking down at at our phone.

Say’s Rich: “Have confidence and stay relaxed while running downhill- fear will tighten you your body, disrupts breathing pattern resulting in quicker fatigue, ‘side stitches’ and an overall sense of ‘hate’ for running.”

Another reason to stay relaxed? “Staying relaxed will actually help your body stay light on your feet and soft on your joints- preventing over striding and locking of knees.”

Pro Tip: “Keep a neutral body. Try to not lean to far forward or backwards (slowing you down) – keep center of mass over legs… and remember to find a rhythm in your breathing, matching your pace of run.”

Now about POSTURE… here’s why this is important: “Proper running technique will result in decrease or full alleviation of pain in the body, correction of imbalances, better conditioned, and a new found enjoyable, healthy hobby.”

“Good posture should look the same whether running downhill, flat or uphill.. we should always keep neutral body over our hips- for a faster pace a slight forward tilt is okay as well as a slight backward lean to slow down… remember tilts must be small. A neutral body/spine is always most important.”

“Remember to use your arms- extension of the shoulder and tricep in the back swing is very important.”
<----aka don't stay bunched up!!!
….Thank you for the tips, Rich! You guys really need to try out Swing SF if you workout. These guys will teach you so much stuff and you’ll most definitely become stronger after their classes. (Like really really. You will.) They’re on ClassPass or you can book a class on their website!

Swing SF Kettlebell School
Check out their IG here

…..Gotta end with this last photo of this guy who saw us taking our photos “running” lol. He was hilarious!

Shoutout to that dude! 😛

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