Fine dining in the Gaslamp District. Usually when I think of Gaslamp, I think of anywhere America chains. But I was surprised when I came across this gem: let me tell you about Double Standard.

The interior is absolutely gorgeous- like truly beautiful. It has this classy, messy chic that I can never master. It’s the type of space where EVERYTHING is photogenic. I took a million photos & couldn’t decide which ones to use!

It’s one thing to have an Instagramable dinner spot and another to serve really good food. Double Standard has it both, and that’s RARE. As The Snobby Foodie, I appreciate this.

The food is good. At first sight, the venue looks like a pizza and Italian spot. Let me tell you: y’all…it’s so much more. Along with having pizza and pasta, the restaurant features unique Italian meat and vegetable dishes. The magic of true Italian food lies in the freshness, which the dishes at Double Standard have. Each dish is carefully crafted with attention to detail.

Honestly, if you can, do the $80 tasting menu- it will be worth it. The portions are large, filling, and plates beautifully. If not– here are some of my favorites.

The Prosciutto Crustino was perfectly toasted and the cheese paired perfectly.

You have to get either the Wagyu Eye of Ribeye or the 32 Day Dry Age Ribeye- it’s cooked to succulence.

I have a theory- you’re either a chocolate person or a lemon tart & that says a lot about your personality. If you’re a chocolate person (like me) get their chocolate dessert. It is a dreammm.

Their beer and wine selection is plentiful and they’re going to start to have a full bar for craft cocktails soon.

Maybe after Double Standard, you can check out The Nolen. What are your favorite spots in San Diego? We love recommendations.

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