Dr. Gundry is one of the top doctors in the world.

He is a nationally known heart surgeon.  He is a medical researcher. And he is a four-time bestselling author. (WOW! Right?!) One of his most popular books is the PLANT PARADOX– a must read!

Dr. Gundry liver health

I was lucky enough to have a one on one skype interview with Dr. Gundry himself. The goal? Get THREE tips on both liver health and heart health.

He did not disappoint! The more we know, the healthier we can be, and then the better we will feel! Dr. Gundry health tips are GOLD.

This article will cover three of his top tips for LIVER HEALTH. Let’s get into it! Quoted right from Dr. Gundry himself.

Liver Health Tips From Dr. Gundry

TIP ONE: Don’t binge drink.

“The first thing women need to do for their liver is NOT binge drink. It’s amazing how much damage alcohol does. What alcohol does first is harm the lining of your gut. This can cause leaky gut… everything that comes from your gut is carried to the liver through a very large vein called the portal vein. In the liver, everything is looked at by our white blood cells that line the liver. A war takes place between the particles and bacteria that leak from the gut into the liver. It’s that war that damages liver cells. Unfortunately for women, only a couple of glasses of wine are enough to start a war.”

On red wine, which is often touted as one of the “healthier” alcohols: “I’m the first to be a fan of red wine because of the resveratrol and the low sugar content. But there is interesting data that 6oz or more of red wine can cause high blood pressure. One of the mistakes we make is social drinking without food. In the Mediterranean, they drink wine consumed WITH a meal. This dilutes the alcohol. If we have alcohol, we should have it consumed with a meal.”

TLDR: Don’t binge drink! It can cause leaky gut which in turn harms your liver. And if you do drink, do it alongside a meal.

TIP TWO: Watch your insulin resistance.

“About 80% of people in the United States are now insulin resistant and deal with a fatty liver.  What so many people utilizing the western diet don’t realize, is that they are developing a fatty liver from consuming too many refined carbs. Carbs like breads, cookies, pasta, and even rice. We need to stop eating so many simple carbs if we want to lower our insulin resistance- which in turn helps our liver. We don’t want a fatty liver!”

“And yes- unfortunately, rice is a simple sugar. But here’s a tip with rice! We want to take the starches in things like rice and make them harder to digest. We want to turn them into a resistant starch. The trick is to cook the rice with a teaspoon or tablespoon of coconut oil and then after it is cooked, refrigerate it and cool it down. Then reheat it. The actual process of cooling a starch will increase how hard it is to digest it into sugar.”

“The more resistant you make a starch, the slower you break it down into simple sugars and the slower your liver has to deal with it.”

TLDR: Stop consuming so many refined carbs and simple sugars. This is hard for the liver to deal with!

TIP THREE: There are some “add-ins” to your diet that help the liver

Two things we can add into our diet to help our livers–

Artichoke hearts or baby artichokes. “Artichokes have a very important compound in them that are healing to the liver. It is in the THISTLE family which is also good for the liver.”

Dandelion greens. “These are great for the liver. Their bitterness acts as a liver tonic.”

TLDR: Dandelion greens and artichoke hearts are amazing for the liver!

Be sure to check out the many VALUE PACKED channels that Dr. Gundry provides! I promise you, he is so tip-heavy and a genius when it comes to longevity. Let me know if you utilize these tips! I am already cooling down my rice and reheating it before eating! 

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    Jimmy Fisher

    Everyone should be aware of the precautionary measures required to keep the liver healthy.
    Modern lifestyle and eating habit trigger several types of health-related disorders.
    So, a person should regularly participate in yoga or other kinds of physical exercise to live a healthy life.
    Besides, a person should also follow a diet chart developed according to the nutritional requirement of the body.


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